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General Papers

Measurement of ductile fracture evolution in sheet metal forming PDF
M. Sasso, M. M. Rossi, G. Chiappini, D. Amodio
Fatigue damage evaluation of martensitic stainless steel by means of thermal methods PDF
U. Galietti, D. Palumbo, R. De Finis, F. Ancona
Numerical-experimental analysis for residual stress determination in a welded joint PDF
G. Marannano, S. Allenza, A. Pasta, L. Fratini
Failure investigation on a helicopter main rotor actuator attachment PDF
L. Allegrucci, L. Aiello, A. Coletta, M. Bernabei
Application of the Virtual Fields Method to fracture mechanics PDF
M. Rossi, M. Fardmoshiri, M. Sasso, D. Amodio
Adhesion strength of adhesive bonded NiTi thin metal sheets PDF
A. Santoro, M. Alfano, C. Maletta, L. Bruno, S. Candamano
The specific heat loss combined with the thermoelastic effect for an experimental analysis of the mean stress influence on axial fatigue of stainless steel plain specimens PDF
G. Meneghetti, M. Ricotta, L. Negrisolo, B. Atzori