Issue 43

Cover 1
F. Berto, S.M.J. Razavi, J. Torgersen - Frontiers of fracture and fatigue: Some recent applications of the local strain energy density 9
S.Y. Jiang, S. Tao, W. Fei, X. Y. Li - Experimental study on uniaxial tensile and compressive behavior of high toughness cementitious composite 41
F. Zohra Seriari, M. Benachour, M. Benguediab - Fatigue crack growth of composite patch repaired Al-alloy plates under variable amplitude loading 51
L. C. H. Ricardo - Crack propagation by Finite Element Method 65
F. Majid, M. Elghorba - Continuum damage modeling through theoretical and experimental pressure limit formulas 87
P. Zampieri, A. Curtarello, E. Maiorana, C. Pellegrino - Fatigue strength of corroded bolted connection 98
A. Ouardi, F. Majid, N. Mouhib, M. Elghorba - Residual life prediction of defected Polypropylene Random copolymer pipes (PPR) 105
M. Davydova, S. Uvarov, O. Naimark - The effect of porosity on fragmentation statistics of dynamically loaded ZrO2 ceramics 114
M. Fakhri, E. Haghighat Kharrazi, M.R.M. Aliha, F. Berto - The effect of loading rate on fracture energy of asphalt mixture at intermediate temperatures and under different loading modes 121
B. Saadouki, M. Elghorba, PH. Pelca, T. Sapanathan, M. Rachik - Characterization of uniaxial fatigue behavior of precipitate strengthened Cu-Ni-Si alloy (SICLANIC®) 141
M.P. Tretyakov, T.V. Tretyakova, V.E. Wildemann - Regularities of mechanical behavior of steel 40Cr during the postcritical deformation of specimens in condition of necking effect at tension 154
D. Gentile - Experimental characterization of interlaminar fracture toughness of composite laminates assembled with three different carbon fiber lamina 163
P. Corigliano, V. Crupi, E. Guglielmino, C. Maletta, E. Sgambitterra, G. Barbieri, F. Caiazzo - Fatigue assessment of Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy laser welded joints in absence of filler material by means of full-field techniques 179
P. Zampieri, N. Simoncello, C. Pellegrino - Structural behaviour of masonry arch with no-horizontal springing settlement 190
F. Caputo, A. De Luca, A. Greco, S. Maietta, A. Marro, A. Apicella - Investigation on the static and dynamic structural behaviors of a regional aircraft main landing gear by a new numerical methodology 199
E. Maiorana, P. Zampieri, C. Pellegrino - Experimental tests on slip factor in friction joints: comparison between European and American Standards 213
M. Tocci, A. Pola, L. Montesano, G. M. La Vecchia - Evaluation of cavitation erosion resistance of Al-Si casting alloys: effect of eutectic and intermetallic phases 226
N. Montinaro, D. Cerniglia, G. Pitarresi - A numerical and experimental study through laser thermography for defect detection on metal additive manufactured parts 239
A. Luciani, C. Todaro, D. Peila - Maintenance and risk management of rockfall protection net fences through numerical study of damage influence 249