Issue 35

O. Demir et alii, Frattura ed Integrità Strutturale, 35 (2016) 340-349; DOI: 10.3221/IGF-ESIS.35.39 349 Fracture load results showed that many criteria are in good agreement with each other for predominately mode I to moderate mixed mode conditions, but that the existing criteria increasingly differ from the experimental measurements for highly mode-II conditions. A CKNOWLEDGEMENTS he financial support by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) for this study under project no 113M407 is gratefully acknowledged. R EFERENCES [1] Erdogan, F., Sih, G.C., On the Crack Extension in Plane Loading and Transverse Shear, J. Basic Eng., 85 (1963) 519- 527. [2] Sih, G.C., Macdonald, B., Fracture Mechanics Applied to Engineering Problems-Strain Energy Density Fracture Criterion, Eng. Fract. Mech., 6 (1974) 361-386. [3] Nuismer, R.J., An energy release rate criterion for mixed mode fracture, Int J Fatigue, 11 (1975) 245-250. [4] Hussain, M.A., Pu, S.U., Underwood, J., Strain energy release rate for a crack under combined mode I and II, ASTM STP, 560 (1974) 2-28. [5] Griffith, A., The phenomena of flow and rupture in solids, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, A 221 (1920) 163-198. [6] Koo, J.M., Choy, Y.S., A new mixed mode fracture criterion: maximum tangential strain energy density criterion, Eng. Fract. Mech., 39 (1991) 443-449. [7] Chang, K.J., On the maximum strain criterion—A new approach to the angled crack problem, Eng. Fract. Mech., 14 (1981) 107-124. [8] Carlson, R.L., Kardomateas, G. A., Introduction to Fatigue in Metals and Composites, First ed., London, UK, (1996). [9] Tanaka, K., Fatigue crack propagation from a crack inclined to the cyclic tensile axis, Eng. Fract. Mech., 6 (1974) 493- 507. [10] Richard, H.A., Bruchvorhersage bei überlagerter Normal- und Schubbeanspruchung von Rissen, VDI-Verlag, Düsseldorf, (1985). [11] Richard, H.A., In: Structural failure, product liability and technical insurance, Rossmanith (Ed.), Inderscience Enterprises Ltd., Genf., (1987). [12] Richard, H.A., Theoretical crack path determination, International Conference on Fatigue Crack Paths, Parma (Italy), (FCP 2003), conference chairmen: A. Carpinteri, L.P. Pook. [13] DataFit 9 Tutorials, Oakdale Engineering, Oakdale, PA 15071. T