Issue 35

Cover 1
Y. Matsuda, H. Nishiguchi, T. Fukuda - Effects of large amounts of hydrogen on the fatigue crack growth behavior of torsional prestrained carbon steel 11
W. Ozgowicz, B.Grzegorczyk, A. Pawełek, W. Wajda, W.Skuza. A.Piątkowski, Z. Ranachowski - Relation between the plastic instability and fracture of tensile tested Cu-Sn alloys investigated with the application of acoustic emission technique 21
A. Pawełek, A. Piątkowski, W. Wajda, W. Skuza, A. Tarasek, W. Ozgowicz, B. Grzegorczyk, S. Kúdela, Jr., S. Kúdela - Mechanisms of plastic instability and fracture of compressed and tensile tested Mg-Li alloys investigated using the acoustic emission method 31
R. Konečná, L. Kunz, G. Nicoletto, A. Bača -Fatigue crack growth behavior of Inconel 718 produced by selective laser melting 41
A. Chahardehi, A. Mehmanparast - Fatigue crack growth under remote and local compression – a state-of-the-art review 51
M.V. Bannikov, O. B. Naimark, V.A. Oborin - Experimental investigation of crack initiation and propagation in high- and gigacycle fatigue in titanium alloys by study of morphology of fracture 60
A. Vshivkov, A. Iziumova, O. Plekhov, J. Bär - Experimental study of heat dissipation at the crack tip during fatigue crack propagation 67
S. El Kabir, R. Moutou Pitti N. Recho, Y. Lapusta, F. Dubois -Numerical study of crack path by MMCG specimen using M integral 74
L. S., B. Rui, Z. Ting, F. Binjun - Mechanism of crack branching in the fatigue crack growth path of 2324-T39 Aluminium alloy 84
S. Morita, S. Fujiwara, T. Hori, N. Hattori, H. Somekawa, T. Mayama - Microstructure dependence of fatigue crack propagation behavior in wrought magnesium alloy 92
X. Liu, C. Sun, Y. Hong - Crack initiation characteristics and fatigue property of a high-strength steel in VHCF regime under different stress ratios 98
P. Bernardi, R. Cerioni, E. Michelini, A. Sirico - A non-linear procedure for the numerical analysis of crack development in beams failing in shear 108
G. Dhondt - Prediction of three-dimensional crack propagation paths taking high cycle fatigue into account 118
V. Shlyannikov, A. Tumanov, A. Zakharov, A. Gerasimenko - Surface crack growth subject to bending and biaxial tension-compression 124
A. Mehmanparast, O. Adedipe, F. Brennan, A. Chahardehi - Welding sequence effects on residual stress distribution in offshore wind monopile structures 135
S. Barter, P. White, M. Burchill - Controlling fatigue crack paths for crack surface marking and growth investigations 142
J. Kramberger, K. Sterkuš, S. Glodež - Damage and failure modeling of lotus-type porous material subjected to low-cycle fatigue 152
S. Glodež, S. Dervarič, J. Kramberger, M. Šraml - Fatigue crack initiation and propagation in lotus-type porous material 162
E. Dall’Asta, V. Ghizzardi, R. Brighenti, E. Romeo, R. Roncella, A. Spagnoli - New experimental techniques for fracture testing of highly deformable materials 171
G. Meneghetti, M. Ricotta - Experimental estimation of the heat energy dissipated in a volume surrounding the tip of a fatigue crack 182
J. Albinmousa - Multiaxial fatigue crack path prediction using critical plane concept 192
S. Blasón, C. Rodríguez, A. Fernández-Canteli - Fatigue characterization of a crankshaft steel: Use and interaction of new models 197
T. Abe, H. Akebono, M. Kato, A. Sugeta -Analytical model of asymmetrical Mixed-Mode Bending test of adhesively bonded GFRP joint 206
S. Lesz, A. Januszka, S. Griner, R. Nowosielski - Crack initiation and fracture features of Fe–Co–B–Si–Nb bulk metallic glass during compression 216
A. Nikitin, C.Bathias, T.Palin-Luc, A. Shanyavskiy - Crack path in aeronautical titanium alloy under ultrasonic torsion loading 223
E. Fessler, S. Pierret, E. Andrieu, V. Bonnand - Crack growth threshold under hold time conditions in DA Inconel 718 – A transition in the crack growth mechanism 233
C. Gandiolle, S. Fouvry - Fretting fatigue crack propagation rate under variable loading conditions 243
T. Holušová, S. Seitl, H. Cifuentes, A. Fernández-Canteli - A numerical study of two different specimen fixtures for the modified compact tension test – their influence on concrete fracture parameters 252
T. Auger, S. Hémery, M. Bourcier, C. Berdin, M. Martin, I. Robertson - Crack path in liquid metal embrittlement: experiments with steels and modeling 260
G. Gobbi, C. Colombo, L. Vergani - A cohesive zone model to simulate the hydrogen embrittlement effect on a high-strength steel 270
S. Tarasovs, J. Krūmiņš, V. Tamužs - Modelling of the fracture toughness anisotropy in fiber reinforced concrete 281
N. Oudni, Y. Bouafia - Implementation of a damage model in a finite element program for computation of structures under dynamic loading 288
E. Giner, J. Díaz-Álvarez, M. Marco, Mª Henar Miguélez - Orientation of propagating crack paths emanating from fretting-fatigue contact problems 295
Y. Besel, M. Besel, U. Alfaro Mercado, T. Kakiuchi, Y. Uematsu - Influence of joint line remnant on crack paths under static and fatigue loadings in friction stir welded Al-Mg-Sc alloy 305
S. Valente, A. Alberto, F. Barpi - Sub-critical cohesive crack propagation with hydro-mechanical coupling and friction 316
S. Boljanović, S, Maksimović - Fatigue failure analysis of pin-loaded lugs 323
K. Slámečka, P. Skalka, L. Čelko, J. Pokluda, L. Saucedo-Mora, T. J. Marrow, U. Thandavamoorthy - Plasma-sprayed thermal barrier coatings: numerical study on damage localization and evolution 332
O. Demir, S. İriç, A. O. Ayhan, H. Lekesiz - Investigation of mixed mode - I/II fracture problems - Part 1: computational and experimental analyses 340
O. Demir, A. O. Ayhan, T. Kakiuchi - Investigation of mixed mode-I/II fracture problems - Part 2: evaluation and development of mixed mode-I/II fracture criteria 350
M. Bozkurt, A. O. Ayhan, M. F. Yaren, S. İriç - Finite element modeling and experimental studies on mixed mode-I/III fracture specimens 360
H. Dündar, A. O. Ayhan - Multiple and non-planar crack propagation analyses inthin structures using FCPAS 370
G. Kullmer, B. Schramm, H. A. Richard - Fatigue crack paths under the influence of changes in stiffness 378
Š. Major, V. Kocour, P.Cyrus - Fatigue life prediction of pedicle screw for spinal surgery 389
B. Lian, A. Ueno, T. Iwashita - Development of in-situ fatigue crack observing system for rotating bending fatigue testing machine 399
A. Tzamtzis, A. T. Kermanidis - Fatigue crack growth prediction in 2xxx AA with friction stir weld HAZ properties 406
R.A. Cardoso, J.A. Araújo, J.L.A. Ferreira, F.C. Castro - Crack path simulation for cylindrical contact under fretting conditions 415
O. Plekhov, O. Naimark, M. Narykova, A. Kadomtsev, V. Betechtin - The study of a defect evolution in iron under fatigue loading in gigacyclic fatigue regime 424
T. Abe, H. Akebono, M. Kato, A. Sugeta - Fatigue properties and fracture mechanism of load carrying type fillet joints with one-sided welding 434
W. Ozgowicz, E. Kalinowska-Ozgowicz, K. Lenik, A. Duda - Analysis of cracking of low-alloy copper stretched at elevated temperature 444
S. Xinhong, Z. Jianyu, X. Qingshan, L. Tianqi - Crack initiation and early propagation plane orientation of 2A12-T4 aluminum alloy under tension-torsion fatigue loading including mean tensile stress 451
A. Kowalski, W. Ozgowicz, M. Kurek, A. Kurek, T. Łagoda - Fatigue cracking of aluminium alloy AlZn6Mg0.8Zr subjected to thermomechanical treatment 459
L. C. H. Ricardo, C. A. J. Miranda - Crack simulation models in variable amplitude loading - a review 466
T. Haiyan - Damage of bamboo and wooden materials based on linear elastic fracture mechanics in garden design 482
W. Xu, L. Ronggui - Effect of steel reinforcement with different degree of corrosion on degeneration of mechanical performance of reinforced concrete frame joints 491
T. Sadowski, P. Golewski - Cracks path growth in turbine blades with TBC under thermo – mechanical cyclic loadings 503
L. Chunjiang, Z. Huabo, L. Ninghua - Influence of different sizes of concrete and roller compacted concrete on double-K fracture parameters 510
X.C. Arnoult, M. Růžičková, K. Kunzová, A. Materna - Short review: Potential impact of delamination cracks on fracture toughness of structural materials 519
R. Citarella - Residual strength evaluation by DBEM for a cracked lap joint 533
R. Sepe, E. Armentani, F. Caputo - Static and fatigue experimental tests on a full scale fuselage panel and FEM analyses 544