Issue 29

Cover 1
A micropolar model for the analysis of dispersive waves in chiral mass-in-mass lattices; A. Bacigalupo, L. Gambarotta 11
Effective properties of a new auxetic triangular lattice: an analytical approach; L. Cabras, M. Brun 19
A micromechanical four-phase model to predict the compressive failure surface of cement concrete;A. Caporale, R. Luciano 29
Elastic wave propagation and stop-band generation in strongly damaged solids; G. Carta, M. Brun, A.B. Movchan 38
A micromechanical approach for the micropolar modeling of heterogeneous periodic media; M.L. De Bellis, D. Addessi 47
A multilevel finite element approach for piezoelectric textiles made of polymeric nanofibers; C. Maruccio, L. De Lorenzis 59
Strain gradient elasticity within the symmetric BEM formulation; S. Terravecchia, T. Panzeca, C. Polizzotto 71
TWSME of a NiTi strip in free bending conditions: experimental and theoretical approach; A. Fortini, M. Merlin, R. Rizzoni, S. Marfia 84
Response of porous SMA: a micromechanical study; V. Sepe, F. Auricchio, S. Marfia 95
An ideal model for stress-induced martensitic transformations in shape-memory alloys; M. Marino 106
State update algorithm for associative elastic-plastic pressure-insensitive materials by incremental energy minimization; N.A. Nodargi, E. Artioli, F. Caselli, P. Bisegna 121
Geometric numerical integrators based on the Magnus expansion in bifurcation problems for non-linear elastic solids; A. Castellano, P. Foti, A. Fraddosio, S. Marzano, M. D. Piccioni 138
An efficient Bouc & Wen approach for seismic analysis of masonry tower; L. Facchini, M. Betti 149
CH of masonry materials via meshless meso-modeling; G. Giambanco, E. La Malfa Ribolla, A. Spada 160
Damage propagation in a masonry arch subjected to slow cyclic and dynamic loadings; J. Toti, V. Gattulli, E. Sacco 176
A 3D mixed frame element with multi-axial coupling for thin-walled structures with damage; D. Addessi, P. Di Re 188
Prediction of the pull-out strength of chemical anchors in natural stone; L. Contrafatto, R. Cosenza 206
Limit analysis on FRP-strengthened RC members; D. De Domenico, A.A. Pisano, P. Fuschi 219
Damage modelling in concrete subject to sulfate attack; N. Cefis, C. Comi 232
Influence of boundary conditions on the response of multilayered plates with cohesive interfaces and delaminations using a homogenized approach; R. Massabò 240
A finite-element approach for the analysis of pin-bearing failure of composite laminates; M. Marino, F. Nerilli, G. Vairo 251
The strong formulation finite element method: stability and accuracy; F. Tornabene, N. Fantuzzi, M. Bacciocchi 261
A consistency assessment of coupled cohesive zone models for mixed-mode debonding problems; R. Dimitri, M. Trullo, G. Zavarise, L. De Lorenzis 276
Bond-slip analysis via a cohesive-zone model simulating damage, friction and interlocking; R. Serpieri, L. Varricchio, E. Sacco, G. Alfano 294
A simple beam model to analyse the durability of adhesively bonded tile floorings in presence of shrinkage; S. de Miranda, A. Palermo, F. Ubertini 303
Flaw-tolerance of nonlocal discrete systems and interpretation according to network theory; A. Infuso, M. Paggi 312
Crack detection in beam-like structures by nonlinear harmonic identification; P. Casini, O. Giannini, F. Vestroni 323
A data fusion based approach for damage detection in linear systems; E. Grande, M. Imbimbo 335
Integrated structure for a resonant micro-gyroscope and accelerometer; V. Zega, C. Comi, A. Corigliano, C. Valzasina 344
A numerical framework for simulating fluid-structure interaction phenomena; A. De Rosis, S. de Miranda, C. Burrafato 353
Mixed methods for viscoelastodynamics and topology optimization; G. Maurelli, N. Maini, P. Venini 361
Development of biodegradable magnesium alloy stents with coating; L. Petrini, W. Wu, D. Gastaldi, L. Altomare, S. Farè, F. Migliavacca, A. Gökhan Demir, B. Previtali, M. Vedani 374
The research for mechanics stimulation method of nonlinear random vibration based on statistical linear theory; W. Guodong 386
Experimental investigation of fibre reinforced plastics with hybrid layups under high-velocity impact loads; M. Romano, C. J. J. Hoinkes, I. Ehrlich 395
Estimate of compressive strength of an unidirectional composite lamina using cross-ply and angle-ply laminates; M. Scafè, G. Raiteri, A. Brentari, R. Dlacic, E. Troiani, M. P. Falaschetti, E. Besseghini 409
Numerical investigation on stress corrosion cracking behavior of dissimilar weld joints in pressurized water reactor plants; L. Zhao, H. Xue, F. Yang, Y. Suo 420
A new formulation for estimating maximum stress intensity factor at the mid plane of a SENB specimen: Study based on 3D FEA; S. K. Kudari, K. G. Kodancha 429