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Characterisation of crack tip fields under non-uniform fatigue loading - D. Nowell, M.E. Kartal, P.F.P. de Matos 15
Crack propagation mechanism and life prediction for very-high-cycle fatigue of a structural steel in different environmental medias - G. Qian, C. Zhou, Y. Hong 21
Combining experimental and numerical analysis to estimate stress fields along the surface crack front - A.S. Chernyatin, Yu.G. Matvienko, I.A. Razumovsky 29
Determination of fracture mechanics parameters on a base of local displacement measurements - Yu. G. Matvienko, V.S. Pisarev, S. I. Eleonsky 34
Sharp Contact Corners, Fretting and Cracks - D. A. Hills, R. C. Flicek, D. Dini 41
Subsurface metals fatigue cracking without and with crack tip - A. Shanyavskiy 50
Near tip strain evolution under cyclic loading - J. Tong, Y.-W. Lu, B. Lin, Y. H. Tai, J.R. Yates 58
In situ 3D characterization of fatigue cracks displacement fields - J. Lachambre, J.-Y. Buffiere, J. Réthoré, A. Weck 64
Effect of crack propagation on crack tip fields - F.V. Antunes, A.G. Chegini, L.M. Correia, A.L. Ramalho 68
Recent developments in multi-parametric three-dimensional stress field representation in plates weakened by cracks and notches - P. Lazzarin, M. Zappalorto, F. Berto 75
Multi-parameter crack tip stress state description for estimation of fracture process zone extent in silicate composite WST specimens - V. Veselý, J. Sobek, L. Šestáková, P. Frantík, S. Seitl 83
Is notch sensitivity a stress analysis problem? - J. T. P. de Castro, M. A. Meggiolaro 93
Gradient enriched linear-elastic crack tip stresses to estimate the static strength of cracked engineering ceramics - H. Askes, L. Susmel 101
On a kinked crack model to describe the influence of material microstructure on fatigue crack growth - A. Spagnoli, A. Carpinteri, S. Vantadori 108
Pearlitic ductile cast iron: damaging micromechanisms at crack tip - F. Iacoviello, V. Di Cocco, A. Rossi, M. Cavallini 116
Application of thermoelastic stress analysis for the experimental evaluation of the effective stress intensity factor - F.A. Díaz, E.A. Patterson, J. R. Yates 123
On numerical integration for effective stress assessment at notches - E. Maggiolini, P. Livieri, R. Tovo 131
Plastic zone evolution near a crack tip and its role in environmentally assisted cracking - J. Toribio, V. Kharin 138
Role of plasticity-induced crack closure in fatigue crack growth - J. Toribio, V. Kharin 144
Initiation and growth behavior of very-long microstructurally short fatigue cracks - P. Lorenzino, A. Navarro 152
High magnification crack-tip field characterisation under biaxial conditions - B. Moreno, P. Lopez-Crespo, J. Zapatero 159
Study of overload effects in bainitic steel by synchrotron X-ray diffraction - P. Lopez-Crespo, P.J. Withers, J. R. Yates, A. Steuwer, T. Buslaps, Y. H. Tai 167
Extension of the CJP model to mixed mode I and mode II - C. J. Christopher, G. Laboviciute, M. N. James, E. A. Patterson 175