Issue 18

Cover 1
G. Del Piero, G. Lancioni, R. March - The variational theory of fracture: diffuse cohesive energy and elastic-plastic ruptur 7
F. Felli, D. Pilone, A. Scicutelli - Fatigue behaviour of titanium dental endosseous implants 16
S. Marfia, E. Sacco, J. Toti - A coupled interface-body nonlocal damage model for the analysis of FRP strengthening detachment from cohesive material 25
G. Ferro, J.-M. Tulliani, S. Musso - Carbon nanotubes cement composites 36
V. Di Cocco, C. Maletta, S. Natali - Structural transitions in a NiTi alloy: a multistage loading-unload cycle 47
D. Firrao, P. Matteis - Tenacità a frattura e resistenza a fatica di acciai bonificati con microstrutture derivanti da tempra incompleta e riflessi sulle norme tecniche di impiego - Fracture toughness and fatigue resistance of quenched and tempered steels with microstructures deriving from a slant quench. Consequences on technical standards 56
IGF Newsletter 71