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General Papers

Effects of forming process on fatigue performance of wheel centre discs PDF
P.J. Mc Grath, D.G. Hattingh, M.N. James, A. Els-Botes
Finite element analysis of plasticity-induced crack closure for inclined cracks PDF
L.-W. Wei, M N James
Fracture toughness of high-chromium white cast iron in relation to the primary carbide morphology PDF
M. Janssen, M.B. van Leeuwen, M.F. Mendes de Leon
Mesomechanical simulation of crack propagation in real and quasi-real idealized microstructures of tool steels PDF
L. Mishnaevsky Jr, N. Lippmann, S. Schmauder
On the use of photoelastic data to corroborate compliance measurements of fatigue crack closure
M. N. Pacey, M. N. James, E. A. Patterson
Quantification of Specimen Geometry Effects on the Master Curve and To Reference Temperature PDF
J.A. Joyce, R.L. Tregoning