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General Papers

024 A three-dimensional analysis of fatigue crack paths in thin metallic sheets PDF
J.B. Esnault, V. Doquet, P. Massin
036 Effect of Pre-stressing on the Growth Direction of Surface Cracks in Ultrafine Grained Copper PDF
K. Kamil, M. Goto, S. Z. Han, K. Euh, T. Yakushiji, Y. Tatsukawa
056 Modelling of Crack Path Evolution in Round Bars under Cyclic Tension and Bending PDF
J. Toribio, J. C. Matos, B. González, J. Escuadra
068 Fatigue-Fractured Surfaces and Crack Paths of Textured Polycrystalline Magnesium Alloys PDF
S. Morita, K. Matsushita, T. Mayama, T. Hirai, T. Enjoji, N. Hattori
117 Experimental investigations on mixed-mode-loaded cracks PDF
H. A. Richard, N.-H. Schirmeisen, A. Eberlein
124 NURBS-based geometric fracture growth representation PDF
A. Paluszny, R. W. Zimmerman, H. Unal, M. Elmas