Digital Repository, Giornata IGF Forni di Sopra (UD) 2010

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A variational formulation for smeared fixed-crack models
F. Freddi, G. Royer-Carfagni

Last modified: 2010-01-29


The localization of large strains in very thin bands, smeared view of fractures, is associated with the
minimization of a two-field functional similar to that proposed by Bourdin-Francfort-Marigo (2000). Here, we
consider that fractures may be different-in-kind because of the material microstructure which, once loosened,
allows to accommodate only a particular class of inelastic deformations (e.g., dilatation, slipping, cavitation). By
varying the form of such class in the corresponding variational problem, various responses can be captured
incorporating the idea of cleavage, deviatoric, combined cleavage-deviatoric and masonry-like fractures. The
model is numerically implemented using a standard finite-element discretization, adopting an alternate
minimization algorithm with an inequality constraint to impose crack irreversibility.