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An engineering approach to fatigue analysis based on elastic-plastic fracture mechanics
J. Eufinger, A. Heinrietz, T. Bruder, H. Hanselka

Last modified: 2011-02-25


Nowadays cast iron components are widely used in highly stressed structures. Component lifetime
is strongly influenced by inhomogeneities caused by the material’s microstructure and the manufacturing
process (graphite particles, (micro-)shrinkage pores, inclusions). Inhomogeneities often act as a fatigue crack
starter. Lifetime until failure may be divided into stages for crack initiation, short and long crack growth.
Initiation of a crack of technical size (a ≈ 1mm) is often dominated by the growth of short cracks. The paper
presents an approach to analyze the mechanically short fatigue crack growth based on elastic-plastic fracture
mechanics. The application of the approach is successfully demonstrated for cast iron material
EN-GJS-400-18-LT using data from fatigue tests, microstructure and fracture surface analyses to assess the
fatigue life.

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