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General Papers

Application of microstructural fracture mechanics to shotpeened components. PDF
C. Vallellano, A. Navarro, E. R. de los Rios
Low cycle fatigue and fracture toughness behaviour of a nonmagnetic austenitic CrMnN steel. PDF
L. V. Vareda, D. Spinelli
Ceramics and cermet composites: comparison from the position of fracture mechanics. PDF
O. M. Romaniv, B. D. Vasyliv
Fracture toughness and work of fracture of SiCfibre glass matrix composite aged in nonoxidising atmosphere. PDF
I. Dlouhy, M. Reinisch, B. Vlach, A. R. Boccaccini
Transferability of planestress R-Curves: effects of specimen size and crack length. PDF
V. P. Naumenko, O. Kolednik, N. P. O'Dowd, G. S. Volkov, A. I. Semenets
Local approach of fracture in gray cast iron. PDF
V. Vasauskas,, S. Baskutis
Degradation of corrosion fatigue crack growth resistance of a power plants pipe-line steel under operating conditions PDF
I. M. Dmytrakh, A. B. Vainman, R. I. Vovk
Predicted and experimental corrosion fatigue crack growth rates of anodically polarised steel in deaerated sea water PDF
C. J. van der Wekken, P. C. H. Anient, M. Janssen, J. Zuidema
Combined effect of hydrogen and stress concentrations in austenitic stainless steel PDF
L. Caballero, A. Valiente, J. Ruiz
Local versus global decarburization during hydrogen attack in a vessel PDF
S. M. Schlogl, E. van der Giessen
Influence of post weld heat treatment on the HAZ toughness of a C-Mn microalloyed steel PDF
V. L. O. Brito, H. J. C. Voorwald, N. Neves, L. F. G. Souza, J. M. A. Arneiro
Modelling fracture in aluminium based metal matrix composites using a statistical approach PDF
K. M. Mussert, M. Janssen, A. Bakker, S. van der Zwaag
Effect of particle size on the fracture behaviour of aluminium hydroxide filled polypropylene PDF
J. I. Velasco, C. Morhain, M. LI. Maspoch, O. O. Santana
The essential work of fracture of polyolefinic films PDF
M. LI. Maspoch, D. Ferrer, O. O. Santana, J. I. Velasco
Characterisation of fracture behaviour at low strain rate of PC/ ABS blends PDF
O. O. Santana, A. B. Martinez, J. I. Velasco, M. LI. Maspoch