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General Papers

Some Properties of the Boundary Layer in Elastic Bodies Containing a Crack PDF
G. Prantl
Stress Intensity Factor KI and Energy Release Rate G in the Case of a Transverse Crack in a Cylindrical Tensioned Wire PDF
M.M. A. Athanassiadis, J.M. Boissenot, P. Brevet, D. Fran├žois, A. Raharinaivo
Photoelastic Study of two Biaxial Stress Fracture Specimens PDF
C.R. Wachnicki, J.C. Radon
An Investigation of Curved Crack Propagation PDF
H. Bergkvist, L. Guex
Characterization of Fracture Toughness by Developed Deformation at Crack Extension; Comparison with Energy Balance Considerations PDF
H. van Elst
Triaxiality Effects in Cleavage Fracture of Ferritic Steels PDF
I. Milne, G.G. Chell
Fracture Toughness Measurements on Reactor Steels PDF
B.W. Pickles
The Measurement of R-Curves for a Structural Steel PDF
A.A. Willoughby, P.L. Pratt
Influence of Specimen Size on Fracture Toughness PDF
V. Dahl, H.-Ch. Zeislmair
On the Determination of Material Fracture Parameters in Yielding Fracture Mechanics PDF
J.G. Blauel, T. Hollstein
J-Determination Using SEN-Specimens for the Structural 186 Steel St E 46o (Ni - V) PDF
T. Hollstein, J.G. Blauel
Round Robin Test as a Comparison of Crack Opening Displacements PDF
C. Berger
Numerical Experiences with an Energy-Based Fracture Criterion PDF
J. Redmer, W. Dahl, M.H. Bleackley
The Determination of COD with the Dugdale Model PDF
K.-H. Schwalbe
The Grain Size Dependence of Cleavage Fracture Toughness in Mild Steel PDF
D.A. Curry
Influence of Strain Rate and Temperature on the Tensile 226 and Fracture Properties of three Structural Steels PDF
V. Dahl, A. Krabiell
Fracture Toughness of Cemented Carbides PDF
J.L. Chermant, F. Osterstock
The Role of Microcracking on Fracture Toughness of Brittle Composites PDF
F.E. Buresch
On the Influence of Cyclic Stress-Strain Curves, Damage Parameters, and Various Evaluation Concepts on the Life Prediction by the Local Approach PDF
J. Bergmann, T. Seeger
The Effects of Stress Ratio, Thickness and Frequency on Fatigue Crack Growth in Structural Steel Used in Marine Technology PDF
J.K. Musuva, J.C. Radon
Crack Growth in Constant Load and Constant Displacement Cycling PDF
J.C. Radon, P.M.S.T. de Castro, L.E. Culver
A Comparative Study of Fatigue Crack Retardation in Air and Vacuum PDF
N. Ranganathan, J. Petit, A. Nadeau
Crack Closure along the Fatigue Crack Front of Centre Cracked Specimens PDF
H.L. Ewalds, R.T. Furnee
Sequence Effects in Fatigue Crack Growth Described on an Continuum Mechanics Basis PDF
H. Fiihring, T. Seeger
Crack Closure Effects in Steel PDF
P. Mille, G. Pluvinage