Digital Repository, ECF14, Cracow 2002

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A New Procedure to Calibrate the Weibull Stress Modulus (m)

Last modified: 2013-02-10


This paper describes a new procedure to calibrate the Weibull stress modulus,m, which employs SSY values for cleavage fracture toughness measured in theDBTregion. Thecalibration scheme utilizes only one set of fracture toughness data while, at the same time,avoiding the non-uniqueness of calibrated Weibull stress parameters. An application followsto predict cleavage fracture behavior in different fracture specimens for an A515-70 structuralsteel tested in the transition region. The methodology predicts the measured statistical distributionof cleavage fracture toughness for the cracked specimens which provides a compellingsupport to the new calibration procedure.

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