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Sismabeton: a new frontier for ductile concrete
Bernardino Chiaia, Alessandro P. Fantilli, Paolo Vallini

Last modified: 2009-06-29


The high ductility of Fiber Reinforced Self-consolidating concrete (called Sismabeton) can be developed not only in tension but also in compression. This aspect is evidenced in the present paper by measuring the mechanical response of normal concrete (NC), plain self-compacting concrete (SC) and
Sismabeton cylindrical specimens under uniaxial and triaxial compression. The post-peak behaviour of these specimens is defined by a non-dimensional function that relates the inelastic displacement and the relative stress during softening. Both for NC and SC, the increase of the fracture toughness with the confinement stress is observed. Conversely, Sismabeton shows, even in absence of confinement, practically the same ductility measured in normal and self-compacting concretes with a confining pressure. Thus, the presence of Sismabeton in compressed columns is itself sufficient to create a sort of active distributed confinement.

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