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General Papers

A non-local stress failure and fatigue damage accumulation condition PDF
A. Seweryn, Z. Mróz
A stochastic simulation model for the damage accumulation in thermal fatigue PDF
E. Kullig, H. Riesch-Oppernumn, T. Winkler, A. Briickner-Foif
A three-dimensional elastoplastic cyclic constitutive law with a semi-discrete variable and a ratchetting stress PDF
Ph. Geyer, J. M. Proix, Ph. Shoenberger, S. Taheri
Aspects of multiaxial fatigue crack propagation PDF
M. W. Brown, K. J. Miller, V. S. Fernando, J. R. Yates
Calculation of notch strains for non-proportional cyclic loading using a structural yield surface PDF
M. E. Barkey, D. F. Socie
Comparison of the surface cracking process in uniaxial and multiaxial fatigue PDF
A. Bataille, T. Magnin
Development of a general multiaxial fatigue criterion for high cycles of fatigue behaviour prediction PDF
J. Lu, J. F. Flavenol, A. Diboine, S. Lasserre, C. Frousfey, M. Bennebach
Experimental techniques for testing materials under multiaxial loading PDF
J. Ziebs, J. Meersmann, H. J. Kiihn, S. Ledworuski
Fatigue crack initiation and propagation in ductile steels under multiaxial loading PDF
G. Lowisch
Fatigue crack initiation and propagation in ductile steels under multiaxial loading PDF
G. Lowisch, H. Bomas, P. Mayr
Fatigue life evaluation of notched components under combined axial-torsional loading PDF
T. Inoue, T. Hoshide, E. Kakiuchi
Fatigue life prediction of components by the use of multiaxial criterion PDF
E. Vidal, B. Kenmeugne, J. L. Robert, J. Bahuaud
Fatigue life prediction of components: an analysis of the different working steps PDF
M. Chaudonneret
Gradient-dependent multiaxial high-cycle fatigue criterion PDF
I. V. Papadopoidos, V. P. Panoskalliss
High-cycle fatigue and inelasticity of metals PDF
V. Troshchenko
High-cycle torsion fatigue of ceramic materials under combined loading conditions (cyclic torsion and static compression) PDF
H. R. Mayer, E. K. Tschegg, S. E. Stanzl-Tschegg
High-temperature multiaxial Low-cycle fatigue PDF
M. Sakane, M. Ohnami
Life prediction and high-strain multiaxial fatigue of an engineering component PDF
G. Shatil, D. J. Smith
Low-cycle fatigue damage cumulation rule for non-proportional loading PDF
S. Taheri
Micromechanisms of plasticity under multiaxial cyclic loading PDF
M. ClaveI, X. Feaugas
Multiaxial behaviour of Ni-base single crystals PDF
D. Nonailhas, G. Cailletaud
Multiaxial fatigue assessment of automotive chassis components on the basis of finite-element models PDF
P. J. Heyes, M. G. Milsted, J. Dakin
Multiaxial fatigue under two-stage block loading PDF
G. Boh, G. Lange
Multiaxial random load fatigue: life prediction techniques and experiments PDF
C. H. Wang, M. W. Brown
Multiaxial thermomechanical behaviour IN738 LC alloy PDF
J. Ziebs, J. Meersmann, H. J. Kiihn, N. Hiilsmann, J. Olschewski
Observation and modelling of transgranular and intergranular multiaxial low-cycle fatigue damage of austenitic stainless steels PDF
D. Argence, J. Weiss, A. Pineau
Probabilistic design methods for multiaxial, high-cycle fatigue PDF
A. Deperrois, A. Bignonnet, P. Merrier
Stacking-fault energy and cyclic hardening of FCC solid solutions under multiaxial non-proportional loadings PDF
V. Doquet, M. Clavel
The contribution of micromechanical approaches to the modelling of inelastic behaviour of polycrystals PDF
P. Pilvin
The effect of tension/torsion loading on low temperature dwell- sensitive fatigue in titanium alloys PDF
M. R. Bache, W. J. Evans
Yield surfaces and dislocation structures of Al3Mg and copper after biaxial cyclic loadings PDF
W. Gieseke, G. Lange