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General Papers

A Fatigue Life Prediction Methodology for Inclined Crack in a Cylindrical Shell under Torsion PDF
Q. Gao, X. Chen
A Variable Amplitude Multiaxial Fatigue Life Prediction Methods PDF
J.A. Bannantine, D.F. Socie
Biaxial Cyclic Plastic Bending PDF
A. P. Toor
Cyclic Elastic-Plastic Strain Estimation for Notched Shafts in Bending PDF
Steven M. Tipton
Energy-Based Torsional Fatigue Analysis PDF
S. Curioni, A. Freddi
Experimental Analysis of Biaxial Low Cycle Fatigue with Mean Strain Effect PDF
M.C. Yip, S.C. Wu
Fatigue Life Prediction of a Notched Specimen Subject to Torsion: Theoretical and Experimental Results PDF
G. Caligiana, F. Cesari
Generalized Strain Fatigue Criterion for Materials under Multiaxial Random Loadings PDF
E. Macha
Geometry influence on the Location of Incipient Cracking of Pipe Bends under In-Plane Bending PDF
K. Kussmaul, H. Diem, D. Uhlmann, E. Roos
Life Assessment for Heat-Resistant Steels under Repeating Stress-Controlled Loading and the Complex Stress State Conditions PDF
F.F. Giginyak, V.A. Ignatov, A.A. Lebedev, B. T. Timofeev
Low-Cycle Fatigue of Notched Specimen under Biaxial Unsymmetrical Stress PDF
C. Zhanghua, T. Junwu, W. Jiangguo, W. Chen
Mechanisms of Crack Closure in Plane Strain and in Plane Stress PDF
H. Sehitoglu, W. Sun
Modelling in the Nonlinear Behaviour of Laminated Composite Plates PDF
D. Bruno, G. Porco, G. Spadea
Multiaxial Fatigue under Constant and Variable Amplitude Loading PDF
C. Sanetra, H. Zenner
Multiaxial Low Cycle Fatigue Behavior of a Mild Steel PDF
V. Doquet, A. ineau
Numerical Evaluation of Multiaxial Static Fatigue in Ceramics PDF
S. Lauf, K. Turan
On the Validity of Miner's Rule under Linearly Combined Loading of Rotating Bending and Cyclic Torsion PDF
S. Harada, T. Endo
Prediction of Macroscopic Multiaxial Behaviour from Microstructural Observations PDF
G. Cailletaud, V. Doquet, Ac . Pineau
Shot Peening - A Complex Process PDF
C.P. Diepart
Study on the Low Cycle Fatigue of Super-High Pressure Vessels by Means of Tension-Torsion Test PDF
D. Jun, Q. J. Chen
The Influence of Multiaxial Stress on Fatigue Failure PDF
K.M. Golos
The Relationship between the Fatigue Strength Coefficient and the Three Dimensional State of Stress at a Hole PDF
Y. Weixing
The Role of State of Stress for the Determination of Life-Time of Turbine-Components PDF
C. Michaelsen, J. Krautzig, W. Hoffelner
The Trailer Coupling: A Neglected Sub-System? PDF
H. G. Naundorf, K.-P. Weibel
The Variance Method of Predicting the Fatigue Fracture Plane Position under Multiaxial Random Loadings PDF
W. Bedkowski, C. Lachowicz, E. Macha
A Study of Failure Assessment Diagram (FAD) under Biaxial Loading PDF
D.-M. Tan, W.-L. Huang, S.-H. Dai
A Study of Fatigue Behaviour of Mode-I Crack under Biaxial Loading PDF
Y.-M. Yang, M.-0. Wang
Biaxial and uniaxial fatigue life prediction for austenitic stainless steels specimens and components PDF
L. Bertini, E. Vitale
Biaxial Fatigue Tests on Thin Walled Tubes of NiCr23Col2Mo (Inconel 617) at 950 °C PDF
H.P. Meurer, H. Hanswillemenke, H. Breitling
Biaxial Low Cycle Fatigue Failure of TYPE 304 Stainless Steel under In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Straining Conditions PDF
T. Ogata, A. Nitta, K. Kuwabara
COD Criterion to Assess High Temperature Biaxial Low Cycle Fatigue PDF
N. Hamada
Crack Initiation and Crack Propagation at the Cylinder-wall of HDR-Pressure Vessel under Cyclic and Pressurized Thermal Shock Loading PDF
R. Stegmeyer, E. Roos, H. Diem
Creep-Fatigue behaviour of Thick Walled Notched Hollow Cylinders PDF
S. Krolop, R. Stegmeyer
Creep-Fatigue in Biaxial Stress States using Cruciform Specimens PDF
M. Sakane, M. Ohnami
Cyclic Deformation and Fatigue Endurance of En 15R Steel under Multiaxial Out-of-Phase Loading PDF
U.S. Fernando, M.W. Brown, K.J. Miller
Deformation Mechanisms of Metals under Complex Nonproportional Cyclic Loadings PDF
S.H. Doong, D.F. Socie
Estimation of Fracture Toughness for a Pipe Material used for natural gas transport PDF
H. Drar, Y. F. Al Obaid
Extension of Overstress Concept for Biaxial Creep-Fatigue Behaviour PDF
T. Nakamura, T. Ishikawa, Y. Asada
Failure Criteria of welds in mixed mode loading PDF
J. Dziubinski, P. Adamiec
Fatigue Crack Initiation and Growth from an Induced Angled Crack under Biaxial Bending - Part I PDF
S. Y. Zamrik, M. Seibi
Fatigue Crack propagation due to Thermal Shock in AISI 316 Stainless Steel PDF
S.T. Hasan, M.W. Brown
Fatigue in Welded Tubular Joints PDF
A. Abel
Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Welded Pipes PDF
S. Curioni, A. Freddi
Influence of Constant Mode III Load on Mode I Fatigue Crack Growth Thresholds PDF
E.K. Tschegg, M. Csegley, Techn. Uni. Wien, Austria H.R. Mayer, S.E. Standi
Influence of initial Plastic Deformation in Weld Fatigue Crack Growth PDF
J. Legat, S. Sedmak, B. Petrovski
Investigation of Corrosion Assisted Cyclic Crack Growth in an Intermediate Size Pressure Vessel at Elevated Water Temperature PDF
K. Kussmaul, D. Blind, R. Gillot, W. Burr
Local Strain Approach in Nonproportional Loading PDF
M. Hoffmann, H. Amstutz, T. Seeger
Mean Stress and Notch Effect in HCF Experiments on Alloy 617 between 600 and 950 °C PDF
H. Diehl, C.M. Sonsino
Mean Stress Effects in Biaxial Fatigue where the Stresses are Out-of-Phase and Different Frequencies PDF
D.L. McDiarmid
Mixed Modes of Fracture under Biaxial Cyclic Tension: Methods and Results PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov, V.A. Dolgorukov
Multiaxial Fatigue Behaviour of Steels under In-Phase and Out-of-Phase Loading Including Different Wave Forms and Frequencies PDF
H. Dietmann, T. Bhongbhibhat, A. Schmid
Multiaxial Fatigue of Welded Shaft-Flange Connections of Stirrers under Random Non-Proportional Torsion and Bending PDF
C. c Sonsino
Strain Parameter for Fatigue Life Prediction in Out-of-Phase Biaxial Fatigue PDF
D. Lefebvre, H. Mebrouk, A. Makinde
The Effect of Precracking History on Branch Crack Threshold under Mixed Mode I/II loading PDF
R.A. Baloch, M.w. Brown
The Fatigue Crack Direction and Threshold Behaviour of a Medium Strength Structural Steel under Mixed Mode I and III Loading PDF
L.P. Pook, D.G. Crawford
Thermal Fatigue under Multiaxial Stresses PDF
B. Mengxin, F. Junyi, D. Zijiu