Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Development of a Methodology for Measurement of Mechanics Properties of Materials Used on the Microscale
L. Banks-Sills, J. Shklovsky, S. Krylov, H. Bruck, V. Fourman, R. Eliasi

Last modified: 2013-05-07


A methodology has been developed for measuring the mechanical properties of materials used in microdevices.A direct tension test consisting of a dog-bone-type specimen fabricated from single crystal silicon(SC-Si) has been employed for determination of Young’s modulus E and the fracture strength σf , while thestrain field has been obtained using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) combined with optical microscopy.SC-Si is expected to have the same value of Young's modulus on both the micro and macro-scales and hasbeen chosen as a convenient benchmark for examination of the accuracy of the methodology. Our resultsindicate that the developed relatively simple yet universal experimental protocol combining accuracy ofDIC with availability of optical microscopy can be efficiently used in academic and industrial environmentsfor the evaluation of mechanical properties of materials employed on the micro-scale.

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