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Effect of hydrogen pickup on fracture behaviour of stainless steels
R.C. Prasad, S. Roychowdhury, V. Kain

Last modified: 2013-05-07


Hydrogen pickup influences plasticity and fracture properties and is one of the major causes for materials failure. In this study effect of hydrogen precharging on the initiation fracture toughness and crack growth resistance have been studied for austenitic stainless steel grade SS 304 and duplex stainless steel grade 2205. Fatigue precracked specimens were cathodically precharged and fracture toughness testing was done as per ASTM standard. Initiation J-integral could not be obtained by standard methods. Stretch zone width (SZW) was measured to get crack initiation toughness. After hydrogen charging SZW formation was not observed. Crack tip opening displacement (CTOD) showed a reduction due to hydrogen charging in both the grades of stainless steels. Crack growth resistance also reduced due to hydrogen pickup. It is concluded that in stainless steels hydrogen pickup leads to a reduction in the initiation fracture toughness and the crack growth resistance. CTOD is observed to be a better toughness criterion for study of hydrogen pickup effect.

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