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Fatigue Life Prediction of Corroded Specimen
Y. Xiang, Y. Liu

Last modified: 2013-05-03


A new methodology of fatigue life prediction for corroded specimens is
proposed in this paper based on an equivalent initial flaw size (EIFS)
methodology and a corrosion pit growth function. The proposed EIFS
methodology is based on the Kitagawa diagram and the El Haddad model. Life
prediction for smooth specimens is performed by employing the crack growth
analysis starting from an assumed crack size determined by the EIFS. A growing
semi-circular notch is assumed to exist on the specimen surface caused by the
corrosive environments. An asymptotic solution is used for the stress intensity
factor solution of a crack at the notch root. Fatigue life can be predicted using the
crack growth analysis, in which a crack propagates from the notch root. Various
experimental data for aluminum alloys and steels are used to validate the
proposed methodology.

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