Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Analysis of Short Crack Growth for Two Representative Light Metals
B. Oberwinkler, C. Oberwinkler, S. Redik, H. Leitner

Last modified: 2013-05-03


To estimate the lifetime of flawed components with the aid of fracture mechanics
it’s essential to know the short crack growth behavior. Therefore the crack growth
was characterized for short and long cracks in two different light metals, namely
Ti-6Al-4V and AlSi9Cu3, respectively.
The measurement of long crack propagation was done on single-edge-bending
specimens with potential drop method to determine the crack length. To
investigate the short crack growth two different methods were implemented for
the measurement of microstructurally and physically short cracks, respectively.
First test results confirmed the applicability of these different short crack growth
measurements. Short crack growth below the long crack threshold and faster
crack propagation were determined. The collected crack growth data will be used
for the lifetime estimation of components made of Ti-6Al-4V or AlSi9Cu3,
respectively. Thereby fracture mechanical material models will be used.

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