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Influence of Slip Localization on Crack Initiation at the Grain Scale
M. Sauzay

Last modified: 2013-05-03


Slip localization occurring at the grain scale has been extensively observed,
particularly in faced-centred cubic (FCC) metals and alloys subjected to either
post-irradiation tensile tests (channelling) [1-4] or cyclic loadings (persistent slip
band (PSB) formation) [5-10]. Plastic slip is localized in thin slip bands. The
degree of localization seems to be high. It could be evaluated using the ratio
between the slip band and macroscopic axial plastic strains. Following the atomic
force microscopy (AFM) measurements of Was et al. [3], this ratio is equal to
about 10 for austenitic steels subjected to post-irradiation tensile loading
(macroscopic axial strain of 0.03). The transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
observations of Sharp [1] and Edwards et al.

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