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Effect of Crack-Crazing Patterns Interactions on Energy Release Rates
H. Seddiki, M. Chabaat

Last modified: 2013-05-03


In this study, interactions between a main crack and a surrounding layer of
crazing patterns are considered. Analysis of the stress field distribution as well as
the energy induced during these interactions is based on the resolution of some
differential equations along with appropriate boundary conditions and the use of a
numerical approach. It is proven throughout this study that the crazes growth
occurs along directions normal to the major principal stress directions and
constitutes an important toughening mechanism. Thus, the mode I Stress Intensity
Factor (SIF) is employed to quantify the effects of this damage on the main crack
and the Energy Release Rate (ERR) due to the linear propagation of the main
crack and also to the translational change in the growth of the damage. It is
proven, herein, that crazes closer to the main crack dominate the resulting
interaction effect and reflect an anti-shielding of the damage while a reduction
constitutes a material toughness.

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