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Dwell-Fatigue in Near Alpha Titanium Alloys: a Multiscale, Interdisciplinary Challenge
P. Bocher, F. Bridier, L. Toubal, N. Boutanai, E. Uta, N. Gey, M. Humbert

Last modified: 2013-05-03


A study was undertaken to examine the life dispersion of 15 specimens
made of near-alpha titanium alloy (IMI 834) tested in dwell-fatigue loading
conditions. Nucleation and propagation features were examined and results were
discussed in relation with results obtained from experiments and simulations
undertaken by the various authors of the present paper. Micromechanical
mechanisms seem to play critical roles in the nucleation and propagation of cracks
and the presence of strong local textures are thought to intensify and explain the
dramatic scatter of dwell fatigue lifes.

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