Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Elasticity and Strength of Nano-Fiber Reinforced Composites from First Principles
M. ?erný, J. Pokluda

Last modified: 2012-10-03


Calculations of elastic moduli and theoretical tensile strength of unidirectionalcomposite having continuous nano-fiber reinforcements are performed using abinitio method. Results for tungsten nano-fibers in vanadium matrix are presentedas a particular example of the analysis. The dependence of the computedcomposite elastic moduli on the atomic concentration of W (nearly correspondingto the volume fraction of fibers) is compared with the rule of mixture for an idealcomposite. Results show that validity of the linear mixture rule is theoreticallyjustified for most of them. On the other hand, computed values of theoreticalstrength exhibit a higher monotonous increase only up to about 60% of W andpredict a synergy effect. The related analysis based on a creation of internalstresses at the fibre/matrix interface reveals that, in this way, the synergy effectcan be explained only partially.

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