Digital Repository, ICF12, Ottawa 2009

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Grain Boundary Motion Assisted via Displacement Cascades in bcc Fe
C. Campana, K.P. Boyle, R.E. Miller

Last modified: 2012-10-03


We study the influence of displacement cascades on grain boundary (GB)structure and stability in bcc Fe using molecular dynamics simulations. Thecrystal geometry considered in this work corresponds to a Sigma = 5,(310)[001]symmetric tilt boundary with a tilt angle of 36.9 degrees. We find that under theaction of diplacement cascades, GB motion, i.e. sliding or migration, is activatedat lower internal stresses as compared to unirradiated GBs. We observe howradiation-induced GB damage aids the nucleation mechanisms that trigger GBmotion depending on the nature of the internal stress. Our results suggest thatradiation-induced GB sliding may provide a viable atomistic mechanism thatcould promote irradiation creep via GB accommodation processes.

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