Digital Repository, The Annual Postgraduate research Student Conference - 2016

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Gradient elasticity: a new tool for the multiaxial high-cycle fatigue assessment of notched components
C. Bagni, H. Askes, L. Susmel

Last modified: 2016-05-12


In this paper, the accuracy of gradient elasticity in estimating the fatigue strength of engineering components, characterised by the presence of stress risers and subjected to multiaxial high-cycle fatigue loadings, is assessed. In particular, a new approach, based on the combination of the Ru-Aifantis theory of gradient elasticity and the Theory of Critical Distances (TCD), is proposed for the fatigue assessment of notched metallic components. The proposed methodology represents an important step forward respect to the state of the art, allowing an accurate fatigue assessment of engineering components, by post-processing the relevant gradient-enriched stresses directly on the surface of the component, with evident advantages from a practical point of view.

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