Digital Repository, The Annual Postgraduate research Student Conference - 2016

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Pounding response of buildings under earthquake motions
N. Farhadzadeh

Last modified: 2016-05-12


Simulation of structural pounding using impact element models has attracted researcher’s attention for many years. This study aims at developing an impact element model which can represent the elasto-plastic pounding behavior of buildings during earthquake. This impact element model will be appropriate for modelling impact between two flat surfaces. For this purpose, Hopkinson Pressure Bar (HPB) experimental tests and non-linear finite element (FE) analysis are first conducted to investigate the contact response of different structural materials at variable loading rates. Then, existing impact element models have been applied to predict the response of experimental and numerical models. The performance of the existing impact element models particularly the linear viscoelastic model has been compared against the HPB experimental results of steel/steel impact. The results indicated that providing suitable contact parameters, the impact element models can predict the impact response of materials realistically.

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