Issue 37

Cover 1
A. Eberlein, H. A. Richard - Crack front segmentation under combined mode I- and mode III-loading 11
C. Madrigal, A. Navarro, C. Vallellano - Plastic flow equations for the local strain approach in the multiaxial case 18
P. Bernardi, R. Cerioni, E. Michelini, A. Sirico - Numerical simulation of early-age shrinkage effects on RC member deflections and cracking development 25
A. Shanyavskiy, A. Toushentsov - Multiaxial fatigue of in-service aluminium longerons for helicopter rotor-blades 32
B. Jo, Y. Shim, A. Rajić, S. Sharifimehr, A. Fatemi - Deformation and fatigue behaviors of carburized automotive gear steel and predictions 38
J. Vázquez, S. Astorga, C. Navarro, J. Domínguez - Analysis of initial crack path in fretting fatigue 48
C. Brugger, T. Palin-Luc, P. Osmond, M. Blanc - Ultrasonic fatigue testing device under biaxial bending 56
C. Riess, M. Obermayr, M. Vormwald - The non-proportionality of local stress paths in engineering applications 62
D. Angelova, R. Yordanova, S. Yankova - Analysis of fatigue behaviour of stainless steels under hydrogen influence 70
F. Berto, A. Campagnolo, T. Welo - Local strain energy density to assess the multiaxial fatigue strength of titanium alloys 79
H. A. Richard, A. Eberlein - 3D-mixed-mode-loading: material characteristic values and criteria’s validity 90
I. Llavori, M.A. Urchegui, W. Tato, X. Gomez - An all-in-one numerical methodology for fretting wear and fatigue life assessment 97
J. Albinmousa - Investigation on parametric representation of proportional and nonproportional multiaxial fatigue responses 104
K. Yanase, B.M. Shönbauer, M. Endo - High cycle torsional fatigue properties of 17-4PH stainless steel 111
Les P. Pook, F. Berto, A. Campagnolo - Coupled fracture modes under anti-plane loading 118
M. Mokhtarishirazbad, P. Lopez-Crespo, B. Moreno, D. Camas, A. Lopez-Moreno, M. Zanganeh - Experimental and analytical study of cracks under biaxial fatigue 124
V. Anes, L. Reis, M. de Freitas - On the assessment of multiaxial fatigue damage under variable amplitude loading 134
M. Vieira, M. de Freitas, L. Reis, A. M. R. Ribeiro, M. da Fonte - Development of a Very High Cycle Fatigue (VHCF) multiaxial testing device 141
M. A. Meggiolaro, J. T. P. de Castro, Hao Wu - A multiaxial incremental fatigue damage formulation using nested damage surfaces 148
M. Margetin, R. Ďurka, V. Chmelko - Multiaxial fatigue criterion based on parameters from torsion and axial S-N curve 156
J. Kramberger, M. Šori, M. Šraml, S. Glodež - Computational simulation of biaxial fatigue behaviour of lotus-type porous material 163
N. R. Gates, A. Fatemi - Interaction of shear and normal stresses in multiaxial fatigue damage analysis 170
N. R. Gates, Ali Fatemi, N. Iyyer, N. Phan - Fatigue crack growth behavior under multiaxial variable amplitude loading 176
P.S. van Lieshout, J.H. den Besten, M.L. Kaminski - Comparative study of multiaxial fatigue methods applied to welded joints in marine structures 183
V. Shlyannikov, A. Zakharov, R. Yarullin - A plastic stress intensity factor approach to turbine disk structural integrity assessment 203
C.M. Sonsino, R. Franz - Multiaxial fatigue of cast aluminium EN AC-42000 T6 (G-AlSi7Mg0.3 T6) for automotive safety components under constant and variable amplitude loading 210
L. Susmel, D. G. Hattingh, M. N. James, E. Maggiolini, R. Tovo - Designing aluminium friction stir welded joints against multiaxial fatigue 217
S. Vantadori, A. Carpinteri, G. Fortese, C. Ronchei, D. Scorza, F. Berto - Two-parameter fracture model for cortical bone 225
M. Kurek, T. Łagoda, A. Carpinteri, S. Vantadori - Estimation of fatigue strength under multiaxial cyclic loading by varying the critical plane orientatio 231
G. Beretta, V. Chaves, A. Navarro - Biaxial fatigue tests of notched specimens for AISI 304L stainless steel 238
Y. Hos, M. Vormwald - Growth of long fatigue cracks under non-proportional loadings – experiment and simulation 244
T. Wang, L. Susmel - Estimation of fatigue lifetime for selected metallic materials under multiaxial variable amplitude loading 251
D. Angelova, R. Yordanova, T. Lazarova, S. Yankova - On fatigue behavior of two spring steels. Part I: Wöhler curves and fractured surfaces 259
D. Angelova, R. Yordanova, T. Lazarova, S. Yankova - On fatigue behaviour of two spring steels. Part II: Mathematical models 268
D. Angelova, R. Yordanova, A. Georgiev, S. Yankova - On monitoring of mechanical characteristics of hot rolled S355J2 steel 275
Petar Velev, Rayna Bryaskova - Novel magnetic composites based on water soluble unsaturated polyester resin and iron oxide nanoparticles 282
D. Krastev, V. Paunov, B. Yordanov - Recast layers on high speed steel surface after electrical discharge treatment in electrolyte 290
I. Mazur, T. Koinov - Quality Control system for a hot-rolled metal surface 297
E. Mihailov, P. Popgeorgiev, M. Ivanova - An effect of heat insulation parameters on thermal losses of water-cooled roofs for secondary steelmaking electric arc furnaces 307
U. Muhin, S. Belskij, E.Makarov, T. Koynov - Simulation of accelerated strip cooling on the hot rolling mill run-out roller table 315
U. Muhin, S. Belskij, E.Makarov, T. Koynov - Application of between- stand cooling in the production hot – rolled strips 322
U. Muhin, S. Belskij, T. Koynov - Study of the influence between the strength of antibending of working rolls on the widening during hot rolling of thin sheet metal 328
C. Patil, H. Patil, H. Patil - Experimental investigation of hardness of FSW and TIG joints of Aluminium alloys of AA7075 and AA6061 335
G. Cricrì, M. Perrella - Modelling the mechanical behaviour of metal powder during Die compaction process 343
Q. Like, D. Jun - Analysis on the growth of different shapes of mineral microcracks in microwave field 352
Z. Hongping, Z. Lili, X. Zhengbing - Analysis of time-dependent reliability of degenerated reinforced concrete structure 362
M. S. Raviraj, C. M. Sharanaprabhu, G. C. Mohankumar - Experimental investigation of effect of specimen thickness on fracture toughness of Al-TiC composites 370
R. Sepe, G. Lamanna, F. Caputo - A robust approach for the determination of Gurson model parameters 379
N. Zuhair Faruq - An elasto-plastic approach to estimate lifetime of notched components under variable amplitude fatigue loading: a preliminary investigation 392