Issue 19

Cover 1
K. Pham, J.-J. Marigo - Damage localization and rupture with gradient damage models 7
G. Bolzon, V. Buljak, E. Zappa - Characterization of fracture properties of thin aluminum inclusions embedded in anisotropic laminate composites 22
M. Paggi - Structural integrity of hierarchical composites 31
L. Susmel, D. Taylor - Sulla stima di macro, micro e nano-durezza di materiali metallici mediante analisi elasto-plastiche agli elementi finiti - Estimating macro-, micro-, and nano-hardness of metallic materials from elasto-plastic finite element results 39
P. K. Pradhan, P. S. Robi, P. R. Dash, Sankar K. Roy - Micro void coalescence of ductile fracture in mild steel during tensile straining 53
L. Kunz. L. Collini - Mechanical properties of copper processed by Equal Channel Angular Pressing – a review 63