Issue 16

Cover 1
L. Susmel - On the overall accuracy of the Modified Wöhler Curve Method in estimating high-cycle multiaxial fatigue strength 7
G. Pesquet, L. F. M. da Silva, C. Sato - The use of thermally expandable microcapsules for increasing the toughness and heal structural adhesives 20
R. Laczkó, T. Balázs, E. Bognár, J. Ginsztler - Damages to stent stabilized left ventricular pacemaker electrodes during simulated lead extraction 30
F. Carta, A. Pirondi - Damage tolerance analysis of aircraft reinforced panels 36
F. R. Renzetti, L. Zortea - Use of a gray level co-occurrence matrix to characterize duplex stainless steel phases microstructure 45