Issue 15

Cover 1
D. Kytyr, T. Doktor, O. Jirousek, P. Zlamal, D. Pokorny - Experimental and numerical study of cemented bone-implant interface behavior 7
F. Berto, C. Marangon - Esistenza del modo O in piastre tridimensionali con fori circolari ed ellittici soggette a modo II - On the mode O existence in three-dimensional plates weakened by circular and elliptical holes under mode II loading 16
K. Vogel, D. Wuensch, A. Shaporin, J. Mehner, D. Billep, M. Wiemer - Crack propagation in micro-chevron-test samples of direct bonded silicon-silicon wafers 23
N. Zuliani - Design and experimental characterization of a 350 W High Temperature PEM fuel cell stack 31
I. S. Raju, N. F. Knight Jr., K. Song, D. R. Phillips - Fracture mechanics analyses of the slip-side joggle regions of wing-leading-edge panels 37
F. Moroni - Studio delle prestazioni di giunzioni incollate ibride - Strength evaluation of structural hybrid bonded joints 52
P.F. Fuchs, Z. Major - Cyclic bend tests for the reliability evaluation of printed circuit boards under dynamic load 66