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General Papers

Influence of deformation-induced alpha prime martensite on the crack initiation mechanism in a metastable austenitic steel in the HCF and VHCF regime PDF
Martina Zimmermann, Andrei Grigorescu, Carsten Mueller-Bollenhagen
The effect of damage accumulation in slip bands on the resonant behavior in the very high cycle fatigue (VHCF) regime PDF
Philipp Hilgendorff, Andrei Grigorescu, Martina Zimmermann
Interlaminar shear strength for three kinds of ceramic matrix composites at 1173K PDF
Jianjie Gou, Chengyu Zhang, Shengru Qiao
A BEM for transient coupled thermoelastic crack analysis of homogeneous/functionally graded bimaterials PDF
Chuanzeng Zhang, Alexander Ekhlakov, Oksana Khay
Crack growth-based fatigue life prediction using spline fictitious boundary element method PDF
Cheng Su, Chun Zheng
Modeling the effect of residual stress on the ductile fracture behavior of an aluminum alloy 5083-H116 PDF
Xiaosheng Gao, Jun Zhou
Finite Element Simulation of Crack Propagation for α-Ti Based on Cohesive Zone Law Deriving from Molecular Dynamics PDF
Yi Liao, Xiangguo Zeng, Jun Chen
Finite Element Simulation of Interfacial Fracture between Fe3C and α-Fe Based on Cohesive Zone Law Deriving from Molecular Dynamics PDF
Taolong Xu, Xiangguo Zeng, Anlin Yao
Tunable Negative Poisson’s Ratio of 3D Spanned-Fullerene Nanotube Nanotruss PDF
Jianyang Wu, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
Failure mode transition of Zr-based bulk metallic glass PDF
Fan Zeng, LanHong Dai
Mesh Dependence of Transverse Cracking in Laminated Stainless Steel with both High Strength and High Ductility PDF
Xian Guo, Wenjun Zhang, Jian Lu
Mechanics Mechanism of Re-fracturing in Inclusion Reservoirs PDF
Xue Shifeng Xue Shifeng, Chen Xinmin, Han Zhongying
Fatigue Crack Growth Modelling in Welded Stiffened Panels under Cyclic Tension PDF
Željko Božić Željko Božić, Siegfried Schmauder, Marijo Mlikota
Mode I Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour in a Welded Cruciform Joint under Biaxial Stresses PDF
Xiang Zhang, Haiying Zhang, Rui Bao
Application of Fluid-Solid Couple on Multidisciplinary Optimization Design for Turbine Blade PDF
JIA Zhi-gang, WANG Rong-qiao, HU Dian-yin
Buckling Analysis of a Nanowire Lying on Winkler-Pasternak Elastic Foundation PDF
Tiankai Zhao, Jun Luo
Effect of thermally activated energy on dislocation emission from a blunted crack tip PDF
X. Zeng, Q.H. Fang, Y.W. Liu
Edge dislocation emission from nanovoid with the effect of neighboring nanovoids and surface stress PDF
Yingxin Zhao, Qihong Fang, Youwen Liu
Edge dislocation emission from nanovoid with the effect of neighboring nanovoids and surface stress PDF
Yingxin Zhao, Qihong Fang, Youwen Liu
Size Effect Analysis of Recycled Concrete Fracture based on Micromechanics Using the Base Force Element Method PDF
Yijiang Peng, Nana Dang, Lijuan Zhang
Torsional properties of bamboo-like structured Cu nanowires PDF
Haifei Zhan, Yuantong Gu
Computational prediction of fracture toughness of polycrystalline metals PDF
Yan Li, David L. McDowell, Min Zhou
Modeling of Damage Evolution in Particulate Reinforced Composites with VCFEM PDF
Ran Guo, Wenyan Zhang, Benning Qu
Time-Domain BEM for Dynamic Crack Problems in Thin Piezoelectric Structures PDF
Hongjun Zhong, Jun Lei, Chuanzeng Zhang
Simulation of Damage and Crack Propagation in Three-Point Bending Asphalt Concrete Beam PDF
Guowei Zeng, Xinhua Yang, Fan Bai
A constitutive approach to fracture simulation based on augmented virtual internal bond method PDF
Zhennan Zhang, Shaofeng Yao
Investigation on the Failure Mechanisms in Sandstones under Uniaxial Compression by Digital Image Correlation PDF
Ganyun Huang, Hao Zhang, Haipeng Song
Performance Deregulation Rule of Aircraft Fatigue Critical Components in Consideration of Calendar Environment PDF
Chao Gao, Yuting He, Haiwei Zhang
Application of a novel finite element method to design of splices in a fiber metal subjected to coupled thermo-mechanical loading PDF
XueCheng Ping, MengCheng Chen, BingBing Zheng
Electrification of Glass by Fracture PDF
Li Xie, Dewen Sun, Jun Zhou
A New Damage Identification Strategy for SHM based on FBGs and Bayesian Model Updating Method PDF
Yanhui Zhang, Wenyu Yang
An Equivalent Strain Gradient Theory for Evolvement of Damage in void Material PDF
Hong Zuo, Fangwen Wang, Teng Hou
Effect of pre-existing microcrack on the cyclic displacement instability in thermal barrier coating systems PDF
Luochuan Su, Weixu Zhang, T.J. Wang
Numerical Simulation Method of radiation damage effects in plate-type dispersion nuclear fuel elements PDF
Yunmei Zhao, Shurong Ding, Xin Gong
Strain Rate Effect on the Failure Behavior of Kevlar 49 Fabric and Single Yarn PDF
Deju Zhu, Barzin Mobasher, Subramaniam D. Rajan
Calculation of bearing loads for fractured specimens by FRASTA simulation PDF
Yuguang Cao, Shihua Zhang, Xiaoyu Sun
Structure responses in the riveted and the friction stir welded stringer panel under the tensile loading PDF
E MA Yu, ZhenQiang ZHAO
Comparative Study on Fatigue Properties of Friction Stir Welding Joint and Lap Joint PDF
Teng Zhang, Yuting He, Qing Shao
Effect of corrosion pits on fatigue life and crack initiation PDF
Xin-Yan Zhang, Shu-Xin Li, Rui Liang
On the tolerance to short cracks departing from notch roots PDF
Hao Wu, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Zheng Zhong
Influence of Surface Rolling Time on Short Fatigue Crack Behavior of LZ50 Axle Steel PDF
Bing Yang, YongXiang Zhao
Creep-fatigue interaction model for crack growth of nickel-based superalloys with high temperature dwell time PDF
Hongqin Yang, Rui Bao, Jiazhen Zhang
Crack growth rate in friction stir welded nugget under different R ratio fatigue load PDF
Yu E Ma, BaoQi Liu, ZhenQiang Zhao
Fatigue Behavior Investigation and Micro-Analysis of X80 High-Strain Linepipe PDF
Yang Li, Weiwei Zhang, He Li
Effect of Ultrasonic Nanocrystal Surface Modification to the Fatigue Properties of S45C with Different Surface Hardness PDF
Bo Wu, Jianxun Zhang, Young-Shik Pyoun
Research on Fatigue Damage and Crack Propagation of GH4133B Superalloy Used in Turbine Disk of Aero-engine PDF
Rongguo Zhao, Dunhou Tan, Xiyan Luo
Subcycle fatigue crack growth mechanism investigation for aluminum alloys and steels PDF
Jian Yang, Wei Zhang, YongMing Liu
A Prediction Model for Low Cycle Fatigue Crack Initiation under Axial Loading PDF
Yajun Zhang, Lingqing Gao, Chunfen Wang
Study on the fatigue crack growth behavior of 30CrMnSiA Straight Attachment Lugs PDF
LiMing Wu, YuTing He, HaiWei Zhang
The Higher Order Crack Tip Fields for FGMs Spherical Shell with Reissner’s Effect PDF
Yao Dai, Xiao Chong, Lei Zhang
Experimental investigations on the crack growth behavior in graded ferritic martensitic steel PDF
Tobias Stein, Frank Zeismann, Angelika Brückner-Foit
Fracture damage identification of pile using element strain energy method based on sensitive modals PDF
Wenjuan Yao, Xiaozhong Zhang
Dynamic Monitoring of Fatigue Crack Process of Orthotropic Steel Bridge Structure with Acoustic Emission PDF
Yuling Zhang, Qiao Rong
Orientation and temperature dependences on fatigue crack growth (FCG) behavior of a Ni-base directionally solidified superalloy PDF
Yangyang Zhang, Huiji Shi
Analysis of the synergetic effects of blast wave and fragment on concrete bridges PDF
Haiqing Zhu, Xiedong Zhang
Estimation of Wheel/Rail Contact Forces Based on an Inverse Technique PDF
Tao Zhu, Shoune Xiao
Optimal Design of Metallic Corrugated Sandwich Plates to Blast Loading PDF
Jianxun Zhang, Qinghua Qin
Experiments on the mechanical behavior of anodically bonded interlayer of Pyrex Glass/Al/Si PDF
Yu-Qun Hu, Ya-Pu Zhao PDF
Bin Zhang, Lanjv Mei
Three-parameter approaches for three-dimensional crack-tip stress fields PDF
Chongmin She, Junhua Zhao
In-situ Observation of Mixed Mode Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in Heat Affected Zone of a Welded Joint PDF
Ming-Liang Zhu, De-Qiang Wang
A New Test Method for High-Temperature Fracture of Alloys and Some Corresponding Results PDF
Shaoqin Zhang, Wanlin Guo
Numerical simulations of thermo-electro-magnetic phenomena in YBCO films subjected to strains PDF
Jing Xia, You-He Zhou
Three-dimensional annular saturated crack propagation in ultralow permeability rock under wave & electro-magneto-thermo-elastic fields PDF
BoJing Zhu, YaoLin Shi
Numerical simulations of interface cracks in layered magnetoelectroelastic solids under dynamic loadings PDF
Michael Wünsche, Chuanzeng Zhang
Experimental Investigation on Deformation and Failure of Rock under Cyclic Indentation PDF
Hao Zhang, Haipeng Song
Interlaminar Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Delamination Growth of CF/EP Composites with Matrices Modified by Nano-silica and CTBN rubber PDF
Jianing Zhang, Shiqiang Deng
Based on Micromechanical Damage of Q345 Specimen’s Acoustic Emission Quantitative Assessment in Tensile Process PDF
Ying ZHANG, Zi-xing WANG
An extended cyclic plasticity model at finite deformations describing the Bauschinger effect and ratchetting behaviour PDF
Yilin Zhu, Guozheng Kang
Time dependent ratcheting-fatigue interactions of tempered 42CrMo steel: Experiments and constitutive model PDF
Juan Zhang, Haibo Luo
A mechanism-based plastic model to simulate the mechanical properties in nanostructured bimodal metals PDF
LinLi Zhu, Jian Lu
Effect of Nanoparticle Modification on Composite Mode II Delamination PDF
Ying Zeng, Hong-Yuan Liu
The tensile and shear failure behavior dependence on chain length and temperature in amorphous polymers PDF
Junhua Zhao, Timon Rabczuk
Fracture of rubbers under biaxial loading: A criterion based upon the intrinsic defect concept PDF
Moussa Naït Abdelaziz, Fahmi Zaïri
New Fatigue Life and Durability Evaluating Method of High Speed Train Carbody Structure PDF
BingRong Miao, WeiHua Zhang
Safe Life and Damage Tolerance Concepts of Railway Axles PDF
Dietmar Klingbeil, Uwe Zerbst
Residual Stresses Induced by Surface Enhancement Processes PDF
Yukui Gao, Zheng Zhong
Surface Integrity and the Influence of Tool Wear in High Speed Machining of Inconel 718 PDF
Ru Lin Peng, Jinming Zhou
Parameter identification of a modified dynamical hysteresis model with immune clone algorithm PDF
Yong Fei Zhang, You-He Zhou
An opening crack model for thermo-magneto-electro-elastic solids PDF
Xian-Ci Zhong
Physical mechanisms of magnetostriction or electrostriction induced interfacial fracture in a bi-layered multiferroic smart composite PDF
Hao Zhao, Tao Xiong
Modeling of isothermal stress cycling degradation of shape memory alloys using non-constant material parameters PDF
Xiaoyong ZHANG, Xiaojun YAN
A strategy to evaluate the properties of circular ring dielectric actuators PDF
Yin Wang, Jinxiong Zhou
ECM-Based Statistical Simulation of Progressive Failure in Symmetric Laminates Damaged by Transverse Ply Cracking PDF
Fang Wang, Junqian Zhang
Fracture mechanics model for predicting fracture strength of metallic alloys containing large second phase particles PDF
Uwe Zerbst, Mauro Madia
Mechanical Properties and Fracture Behavior of Poly(vinylidene fluoride)-Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Nanocomposites by Nanotensile Testing PDF
Fanlin Zeng, Yizhi Liu
Zhou Zhigang, Feng Lin
Fatigue Safety Monitoring and Fatigue Life Evaluation for Existing Concrete Bridges PDF
Chun-Sheng Wang, Mu-Sai Zhai
Application Research of Elastic-plastic Fracture Toughness Index CTOD in the Design of Railway Steel Bridge PDF
Yuling Zhang, Jiyan Pan