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General Papers

The characterization of dominating region of fracture (process region) around a crack tip based on the concept of mechanical similarity and atomic mechanics PDF
Toshimitsu Yokobori, Yoshiko Nagumo, Takahiro Yajima, Toshihito Ohmi
Gigacycle fatigue behaviors in Fusion Zone and Heat Affected Zone of Q345 LA steel welded joints PDF
Liu Yongjie, Tian Renhui, He Chao
Very high cycle fatigue behabvior of plasma nitrided 316 stainless steel PDF
Daisuke Yonekura, Kei Ozaki, Ryota Shibahara
Creep crack initiation and growth behavior in weldments of high Cr steels PDF
Ryuji Sugiura, Toshimitsu Yokobori, Kazuto Sato
Three-dimensional vacancy diffusion analysis related to micro damage of C(T) specimen for P92 steel under creep condition PDF
Haruhisa Shigeyama, A. Toshimitsu Yokobori Jr., Ryuji Sugiura
LCF behavior and life modeling of DZ125 under complicated load condition at high temperature PDF
Jia Huang, Xiaoguang Yang, Duoqi Shi
Finite Element Simulation of Interfacial Fracture between Fe3C and α-Fe Based on Cohesive Zone Law Deriving from Molecular Dynamics PDF
Taolong Xu, Xiangguo Zeng, Anlin Yao
Deformations and Damage Evolution of Austenitic Steel AISI304 with Martensite Phase Transformation PDF
Gang Han, Huang Yuan
The local concept to assess weldment with help of nano-indentation and FEM simulation PDF
Jie Fang, Huang Yuan
Fracture Analysis of Particulate MEE Materials Using a Domain-Independent Interaction Integral Method PDF
Hongjun Yu, Linzhi Wu
T-stress evaluation in nonhomogeneous materials under thermal loading by means of interaction energy integral method PDF
Fengnan Guo, Licheng Guo, Hongjun Yu
Cutting zone temperature and specific cutting energy measurements and evaluation in machining metals PDF
Y. Yifrach, U. Ben-Hanan
Investigation on 3D fatigue crack propagation in surface-cracked specimens PDF
X. Li, H. Yuan, J.Y. Sun
Simulation of Damage and Crack Propagation in Three-Point Bending Asphalt Concrete Beam PDF
Guowei Zeng, Xinhua Yang, Fan Bai
A constitutive approach to fracture simulation based on augmented virtual internal bond method PDF
Zhennan Zhang, Shaofeng Yao
Modeling Fracture Processes in Numerical Concrete PDF
Zhiwei Qian, Erik Schlangen, Guang Ye
Stability and fracture analysis of arch dam based on deformation reinforcement theory PDF
Yuanwei Pan, Yaoru Liu, Qiang Yang
Determination of Residual Fracture Toughness of Post-fire Concrete Using Analytical and Weight Function Method PDF
Kequan YU, Zhoudao LU, jiangtao YU
A New Damage Identification Strategy for SHM based on FBGs and Bayesian Model Updating Method PDF
Yanhui Zhang, Wenyu Yang
Anti-plane problem of a lip-shape crack in one-dimensional hexagonal quasi-crystal materials PDF
Jing Yu, JunHong Guo, YongMing Xing
Recovery of ductility observed in liquid gallium induced embrittlement of polycrystalline silver PDF
Kodai Yamamoto, Kohei Arakawa, Hirokazu Koizumi
Ductility loss in Hydrogen-charged Ductile Cast Iron PDF
Hisao Matsunaga Hisao Matsunaga, Teruki Usuda, Keiji Yanase
Study on damage tolerance properties of fiber metal laminates PDF
Yu E Ma, Zhongchun Xia, Shuang Yun
Research on the mechanical properties of the CNT composites PDF
Luodan Su, Qingsheng Yang
Transition of ductile and brittle fracture during DWTT by FEM PDF
YouYou WU, Hailiang YU, Cheng LU
Several kinds of Calculation Methods on the Crack growth Rates for Elastic-Plastic Steels PDF
Yangui Yu
Influence of Surface Rolling Time on Short Fatigue Crack Behavior of LZ50 Axle Steel PDF
Bing Yang, YongXiang Zhao
Creep-fatigue interaction model for crack growth of nickel-based superalloys with high temperature dwell time PDF
Hongqin Yang, Rui Bao, Jiazhen Zhang
Subcycle fatigue crack growth mechanism investigation for aluminum alloys and steels PDF
Jian Yang, Wei Zhang, YongMing Liu
Three-dimensional Fatigue Crack Growth Path Simulation under Nonproportional Mixed-mode Loading PDF
Ying Yang, Michael Vormwald
Development and several additional performances of dual spindle rotating bending fatigue testing machine GIGA QUAD PDF
Taizoh Yamamoto, Akio Kokubu, Tatsuo Sakai
Fatigue performance analysis of frictional type high strength bolts of overlapped joints PDF
Huili Wang, Hongjian Yin, SIfeng Qin
On Incorrectness in Elastic Rebound Theory for Cause of Earthquakes PDF
Zhong-qi Quentin Yue
Dynamic Fracture Associated with Shallow Dip-Slip Seismic Faulting PDF
Koji Uenishi, Keisho Yamagami
Fracture damage identification of pile using element strain energy method based on sensitive modals PDF
Wenjuan Yao, Xiaozhong Zhang
Development of a Wireless Sensor for Simultaneous Measurement of Fatigue and Corrosion PDF
Fang Yuan, Takayuki Shiraiwa
Creep fracture mechanims of polycrystalline Ni-Based superalloy with diffusion coating PDF
Kang Yuan, Ru Ling Peng
Characterization of Mechanical and Physical Properties of Silica Aerogels Using Molecular Dynamics Simulation PDF
Jingjie Yeo, Jincheng Lei
Evaluation of Microstructure Effect on Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of Hot Rolled AZ31 by AE Analysis PDF
Kousuke Matsumoto, Takashi Yasutomi
Mechanical properties of natural fiber polyester composite sandwich panels PDF
Jie Lu, Bing Yang
Anchor Design for Microdevice Fabricated by Silicon-on-Glass Process Based on Bonding Strength Consideration PDF
Jun He, Fang Yang
Micromechanical modeling and numerical simulation of ablation of 3D C/C composites PDF
Na Liu, Qingsheng Yang
A CMOD-Based Hybrid Approach to Determine Fracture Resistance Curve PDF
Wuchao Yang, Xudong Qian
Simulation of fracture and fatigue damage in stainless steel 304 using a cohesive zone model PDF
Huan Li, Huang Yuan
Mixed-mode crack initiation at the edge of Cu/Si interface in nanoscale components PDF
Yabin Yan, Kohei Kishimoto
Fracture toughness and toughening mechanisms of unsaturated polyester-based clay nanocomposites PDF
Mushtaq T. Albdiry, Belal F. Yousif
Deformation and Failure of Graphene Sheet and Graphene-Polymer Interface PDF
Mingchao Wang, Cheng Yan
An Efficient A-FEM for Arbitrary Cracking in Solids PDF
Qingda Yang, Wei Liu
The elastic-plastic limit pressure of cylinder under internal pressure using a new yield criterion PDF
Xiaoyu Liu, Zheng Yang
Mode-I Fracture Behaviors of a Shear Thickening Fluid as Adhesive Layer under Different Loading Rates PDF
Maisha Tabassum, Lin Ye
Dynamic Growth of Voids under Effects of Thermal and Vapor Pressure in Electronic Packaging PDF
Xiaohu Yao, Yue Mei
3D FE analysis of shot peening of strain-rate sensitive materials Accounting for Multiple and Repeated Impingement PDF
Shaker A. Meguid, Fan Yang
Influence of Surface Effects and Flexoelectricity on Vibration of Piezoelectric Nanobeams PDF
Zhi Yan, Liying Jiang
Modeling of isothermal stress cycling degradation of shape memory alloys using non-constant material parameters PDF
Xiaoyong ZHANG, Xiaojun YAN
Machining effects on damage evolution in sinter powder metals PDF
S. Ma, H. Yuan
Thermally induced creep rupture of fiber bundles PDF
Naoki Yoshioka, Ferenc Kun
Interfacial mechanics of fiber push-out test: nano-indention technique and cohesive element modeling PDF
Xi Li, Qingsheng Yang
Contact Fracture Mechanism of Electroplated Ni-P Coating on Stainless Steel Substrate PDF
Akio Yonezu, Michihiro Niwa