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General Papers

Three-phase elliptical inclusions with an internal stress field of linear form PDF
Xu Wang
Is there a threshold for PSB formation in iron PDF
Chong Wang, Danièle Wagner, Qingyuan Wang, Claude Bathias
Effect of aging condition on fatigue strength of maraging steel in long life region PDF
Qiang Chen, Qingyuan Wang, Norio Kawagoishi
Study of fatigue crack mechanism on an armco iron in the gigacycle fatigue by temperature recording and microstructural observations PDF
Danièle Wagner, Chong Wang, Qingyuan Wang
Surface crack initiation pehenomenon in very high cycle fatigue PDF
Muhammad Kashif Khan, Qingyuan Wang
An interaction integral method for 2D elastodynamic crack problems PDF
Zhiyong Wang, Li Ma, Linzhi Wu
Thermal shock residual strength of ultra-high temperature ceramics with the consideration of temperature PDF
Dingyu Li, Weiguo Li, Ruzhuan Wang
The Elusive Temperature Dependence of the Master Curve PDF
Kim Wallin
Tunable Negative Poisson’s Ratio of 3D Spanned-Fullerene Nanotube Nanotruss PDF
Jianyang Wu, Jianying He, Zhiliang Zhang
The concepts and properties of nanoskin materials and components created by ultrasonic nanocrystal surface modification PDF
Young Shik Pyoun, Qingyuan Wang, Muhammad Kashif Khan
Crack Growth Life Assessment on Turbine Component under Combined Fatigue Loading PDF
Dianyin Hu, Rongiqao Wang, Huawei Liu
NUmerical investigation of the fracture behavior of tungsten at the micro scale PDF
Christopher Bohnert, Sabine M Weygand, Nicola J. Schmitt
Numerical study of the fracture behavior of an electron beam welded steel joint by cohesive zone modeling PDF
Haoyun Tu, Siegfried Schmauder, Ulrich Weber
Analysis and residual strength prediction for multiple site damage in aircraft structures by using weight function method PDF
X.R. Wu, W. Xu, H. Wang
Theoretical Analysis of Effects of Confining Pressure on the Stress Intensity Factors for Cracked Brazilian Disk PDF
Jigang Xu, Shiming Dong, Zhenlin Wang
Fracture Analysis of Particulate MEE Materials Using a Domain-Independent Interaction Integral Method PDF
Hongjun Yu, Linzhi Wu
Free edge coupling effect of piezoelectric cross-ply laminated plates PDF
Chao Han Chao Han, Zhangjian Wu
Finite element analysis of erosive wear for offshore structure PDF
Z.G. Liu, S. Wan, V.B. Nguyen
A Stabilized Sequential Coupling Algorithm for Hydro-mechanical Systems using Reproducing Kernel Particle Method PDF
Yongning XIE, Gang WANG
Cohesive Zone Analysis of Crack Propagation on a Hierarchical Structured Interface PDF
Xiaoru Wang, Akihiro Nakatani
A New LEFM Based Description of Concrete Fracture and Size Effects PDF
Kim Wallin
A coupled stress and energy model for mixed-mode cracking of adhesive joints PDF
Philipp Weißgraeber, Wilfried Becker
Influence of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Propagation and Fracture Toughness of Large Ti-6Al-4V Cast Structure PDF
Xin Feng, Anqi Wang, Yingjie Ma
An Equivalent Strain Gradient Theory for Evolvement of Damage in void Material PDF
Hong Zuo, Fangwen Wang, Teng Hou
Effect of pre-existing microcrack on the cyclic displacement instability in thermal barrier coating systems PDF
Luochuan Su, Weixu Zhang, T.J. Wang
Effect of interfacial defect on surface crack behavior of an air plasma sprayed thermal barrier coating PDF
Xu Rong, Zhang Weixu, Fa Xueling
Investigation of Void Linkage in Magnesium Using SEM and Micro Computed X-ray Tomography PDF
Michael J. Nemcko, David S. Wilkinson
An Advanced Damage Percolation Model of Ductile Fracture PDF
Cliff Butcher, Zengtao Chen, Michael Worswick
Elasto-Dynamic Behaviour of Interacting Inhomogeneities and Cracks PDF
Shaker A. Meguid, Xiaodong Wang
The Model and Application of Fatigue Life Based on Fracture Mechanics and Fuzzy Theory PDF
Xing-liang MA, Hui-li WANG, Si-feng QIN
Determination of crack surface displacements for a radial crack emanating from a semi-circular notch using weight function method PDF
D H Tong, X R Wu
Failure Analysis Procedure of Steel Wire Drawing Fracture PDF
Lihua LIU, Jie SUN, Huan WANG
Transition of ductile and brittle fracture during DWTT by FEM PDF
YouYou WU, Hailiang YU, Cheng LU
Fatigue Failure of Outlet Pipe Work of Flare System at Natural Gas Processing Plant PDF
Abdel-Monem El-Batahgy, Martin Wheeler
Fatigue Crack Growth Rate Tests of High Performance Steel HPS 485W PDF
Lan Duan, Chun-sheng Wang, Shi-chao Wang
On the tolerance to short cracks departing from notch roots PDF
Hao Wu, Jaime Tupiassú Pinho de Castro, Zheng Zhong
Effect of Ultrasonic Nanocrystal Surface Modification to the Fatigue Properties of S45C with Different Surface Hardness PDF
Bo Wu, Jianxun Zhang, Young-Shik Pyoun
A Prediction Model for Low Cycle Fatigue Crack Initiation under Axial Loading PDF
Yajun Zhang, Lingqing Gao, Chunfen Wang
Effect of different micro-arc oxidation coating layer types on fatigue life of 2024-T4 alloy PDF
Xi-Shu Wang, Xing-Wu Guo, Xu-Dong Li
Study on the fatigue crack growth behavior of 30CrMnSiA Straight Attachment Lugs PDF
LiMing Wu, YuTing He, HaiWei Zhang
Fatigue performance analysis of frictional type high strength bolts of overlapped joints PDF
Huili Wang, Hongjian Yin, SIfeng Qin
A validation study for a new SHM technology (ICM) under operational environment PDF
Zhi Wang, Jiakun Cai
Analysis of Creep Crack Growth in Surface Cracked Specimens: Comparisons between Approaches of Fracture Mechanics and Continuum Damage Mechanics PDF
Jian-Feng Wen, Shan-Tung Tu
A New Method of Introducing Long Range Residual Stresses to Study Creep Crack Initiation PDF
A. M. Shirahatti, Y. Wang
Yiqiang Wang, David J Smith
Behavior of interface crack in layered structure under actions of both stress wave and residual stress PDF
ChenWu Wu, XinXin Cheng
Seismic Inversion using full wavefied data PDF
XiaoLiang Duan, Yibo Wang
Effect of Post-Weld Heat Treatment on the Fatigue Properties of Dissimilar Titanium Alloy Joints PDF
S.Q. Wang, J.H. Liu
Tensile Deformation Behavior of a Nickel-base Superalloy under Dynamic Loads PDF
Lei Wang, Yang Liu
Droplet Ejection and Liquid-solid Separation from Covered Microfluidic Systems PDF
Weiqiang Wang, Thomas B. Jones
Core Shell Nanowire Surface Fastener Used for Mechanical and Electrical Room Temperature Bonding PDF
Peng Wang, Yang Ju
Virtual Crack Closure Technique Based on MSIM Method PDF
Feng Su, Jie Wu
In-situ Observation of Mixed Mode Fatigue Crack Growth Behavior in Heat Affected Zone of a Welded Joint PDF
Ming-Liang Zhu, De-Qiang Wang
Numerical Solutions of Second Elastic-Plastic Fracture Mechanics Parameter in Test Specimens under Biaxial Loading PDF
Ping Ding Ping Ding, Xin Wang
Fracture analysis in plane piezoelectric media using hybrid finite element model PDF
Hui Wang, Qing-Hua Qin
J-integral Calculation of Nonlinear Fracture for Colloidal Soft Material PDF
Hongyan Wang, Jun Lei
Numerical simulations of interface cracks in layered magnetoelectroelastic solids under dynamic loadings PDF
Michael Wünsche, Chuanzeng Zhang
Investigation of grain-scale surface deformation of a pure aluminium polycrystal through kinematic-thermal full-field coupling measurement PDF
X.G. Wang, J.F. Witz
Micro-cutting tests: a new way to measure the fracture toughness and yield stress of polymeric nanocomposites PDF
Hongjian Wang, Li Chang
Deformation and Failure of Graphene Sheet and Graphene-Polymer Interface PDF
Mingchao Wang, Cheng Yan
Stress Concentration based on Non-linear Motion Equations and its Application for Non-destructive Detection of Plate PDF
Jianhua Xiao, Jingjing Wang
Based on Micromechanical Damage of Q345 Specimen’s Acoustic Emission Quantitative Assessment in Tensile Process PDF
Ying ZHANG, Zi-xing WANG
Cracks formation in the vertical co-depositing colloidal crystal PDF
Ding Lan, Yuren Wang
Comparison of different techniques for the monitoring of the Lüders bands development PDF
J. Petit, D. Wagner
Measurement of Adhesion Energy of Electrospun Polymer Membranes Using a Shaft-loaded Blister Test PDF
Shing-Chung Wong, Haining Na
Reliability-based Fatigue Life Prediction Method for Compressor Wheel Rub of Turbocharger for Vehicle Application PDF
Zheng WANG, Zeng-quan WANG
Polymeric Fiber Arrays for Adhesion PDF
Shing-Chung Wong, Johnny F. Najem
Electromechanical stability of cone dielectric elastomer actuator PDF
Xiaohong Wu, Wenjie Sun
A strategy to evaluate the properties of circular ring dielectric actuators PDF
Yin Wang, Jinxiong Zhou
Analytical solution of swell-induced surface instability for graded hydrogel layers PDF
Zhigen Wu, Rui Huang
ECM-Based Statistical Simulation of Progressive Failure in Symmetric Laminates Damaged by Transverse Ply Cracking PDF
Fang Wang, Junqian Zhang
Size effects on compressive strength from a statistical physics perspective PDF
Jérôme Weiss, Lucas Girard
Effect of the pearlite content of ferritic cast iron material on the crack resistance behaviour under dynamic load PDF
Peter Trubitz, Hans-Peter Winkler
Safety Assessment and Fatigue Life analysis of Aged Crane Structures PDF
Kai Qi, Weixiong Wang
Local fracture behavior and integrity assessment of a dissimilar metal welded joint in nuclear power systems PDF
Guozhen Wang, Haitao Wang
Multiscale monitoring of interface failure of brittle coating/ductile substrate systems: a non-destructive evaluation method combined digital image correlation with acoustic emission PDF
Weiguo Mao, Duojin Wu
Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Adhesion of PVD Coatings on Minting Dies PDF
Jason Tunis, Xin Wang
Asymptotic solutions for buckling delamination induced crack propagation in the thin film- compliant substrate system PDF
Tongqing Lu, T. J. Wang
Mechanics of Graphene Bubbles PDF
Peng Wang, Wei Gao
Fracture behavior of thin aluminum films on soft substrate PDF
Dan Wu, Huimin Xie
Analysis on Arithmetic and Application of Rigidity Distribution for Simply Supported Structure PDF
Ling–bo WANG, Xin Kang
Fatigue Safety Monitoring and Fatigue Life Evaluation for Existing Concrete Bridges PDF
Chun-Sheng Wang, Mu-Sai Zhai
Fatigue Strength and Fatigue Life Evaluation of National Cultural Relic Steel Bridges PDF
Chun-Sheng Wang, Lan Duan