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General Papers

The Cottrell Legacy: Metamorphosis of ICF into the World Academy of Structural Integrity 2011-2021 PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, David M.R. Taplin
Influence of high mean stresses on lifetime and damage of the martensitic steel X10CrNiMoV12-2-2 in the VHCF regime PDF
Beck Tilmann, Stephan Kovacs, Lorenz Singheiser
Very high cycle fatigue strength of a high strength steel under sea water corrosion PDF
Palin-Luc Thierry, Claude Bathias
UHPC precast product under severe freeze-thaw conditions PDF
Ming-Gin Lee, Kun-Long Lee, Mang Tia
Evaluation of creep damage and fracture in high Cr steel welds PDF
Masaaki Tabuchi
Integrity increasing of damaged steel pipelines using external and internal reinforcing PDF
Janos Lukacs, Gyula Nagy, Imre Torok
Comparing crack growth testing and simulation results under thermo-mechanical fatigue conditions PDF
Ramesh Chandwani, Christopher M. Timbrell, Steve Jacques
Reliability of micro/macro-fatigue crack growth behavior in the wires of cable-stayed bridge PDF
Keke Tang
Load history effects on fracture toughness of RPV steel PDF
Jérémy Hure, Benoît Tanguy
Dislocation dynamics analysis of hydrogen embrittlement in alpha iron based on atomistic investigations PDF
Shinya Taketomi, Honami Imanishi, Ryosuke Matsumoto
Numerical study of the fracture behavior of an electron beam welded steel joint by cohesive zone modeling PDF
Haoyun Tu, Siegfried Schmauder, Ulrich Weber
Evaluation of Optimal Condition in Laser Shock Peening Process by AE Method PDF
Tomoki Takata, Manabu Enoki, Akinori Matsui
Analysis of stress singularity field near the cross point of inclusion and free surface by 3D element free Galerkin method PDF
Yasuyuki Tsukada, Takahiko Kurahashi, Hideo Koguchi
Residual stress effects on the propagation of fatigue cracks in the weld of a CA6NM stainless steel PDF
Alexandre Trudel, Myriam Brochu, Martin Lévesque
Experimental study of heat dissipation process into fatigue crack tip in titanium alloys. PDF
M.V. Bannikov, A.I. Terekhina, A.Y. Fedorova
Fatigue and dwell-fatigue behavior of nano-silver sintered lap-shear joint at elevated temperature PDF
Yansong Tan, Xin Li, Chengjun Li
Review of Hydrogen Diffusion Models for the Analysis of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Materials PDF
Jesús Toribio, Viktor Kharin
Hydrogen Embrittlement in Metals: Analysis of Directionality of Hydrogen Diffusion Assisted by Stress and Strain PDF
Jesús Toribio, Viktor Kharin, Diego Vergara
Determination of crack surface displacements for a radial crack emanating from a semi-circular notch using weight function method PDF
D H Tong, X R Wu
Acoustic Emission Technique (AET) for Failure Analysis in wood materials PDF
Frédéric LAMY, Mokhfi TAKARLI, Frédéric DUBOIS
Residual stress effects on the propagation of fatigue cracks in the weld of a CA6NM stainless steel PDF
Alexandre Trudel, Myriam Brochu, Martin Lévesque
Research on Fatigue Damage and Crack Propagation of GH4133B Superalloy Used in Turbine Disk of Aero-engine PDF
Rongguo Zhao, Dunhou Tan, Xiyan Luo
Effects of Short-Time Duplex Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Fatigue Strength of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy PDF
Satoshi Tanaka, Tatsuro Morita, Kosuke Shinoda
Fretting fatigue analysis on nuclear fuel cladding tubes PDF
Lichen Tang, Shurong Ding, Yongzhong Huo
Fatigue Cracking Paths and Compliance Analysis in Round Bars under Tension and Bending PDF
Jesús Toribio, Juan-Carlos Matos, Beatriz González
Role of Surface Defects in the Initiation of Fatigue Cracks in Pearlitic Steel PDF
Jesús Toribio, Juan-Carlos Matos, Beatriz González
Analysis of Creep Crack Growth in Surface Cracked Specimens: Comparisons between Approaches of Fracture Mechanics and Continuum Damage Mechanics PDF
Jian-Feng Wen, Shan-Tung Tu
Creep Strength of Dissimilar Welds for Advanced USC Boiler Materials PDF
Masaaki Tabuchi, Hiromichi Hongo
New Trends in the Fracture of Lightweight Structures PDF
Efstathios E. Theotokoglou, Gavriil E. Theotokoglou
Electrical Breakdown of a Metallic Nanowire Mesh PDF
Yuan Li, Kaoru Tsuchiya
Monte Carlo Simulation of Fatigue Crack Initiation at Elevated Temperature PDF
Feifei He, Cher Ming Tan
Study on Radiation induced Mechanical Degradation of Amorphous Silicon Carbide Films PDF
Bo Meng, Wei Tang
Experimental investigations on the cyclic behavior and fatigue of extruded 2017 aluminum alloy PDF
Abdelghani May, Lakhdar Taleb
Influence of Free Surface Roughening on Ductile Fracture Behavior Under Uni-axial Tensile State for Metal Foils PDF
Tsuyoshi Furushima, Hitomi Tsunezaki
Mode-I Fracture Behaviors of a Shear Thickening Fluid as Adhesive Layer under Different Loading Rates PDF
Maisha Tabassum, Lin Ye
Isolation of Contributions of Residual Stress andWeldMicrostructure to Fatigue Crack Growth Rates inWelds PDF
Rui Bao, Ning Tang
Effect of the pearlite content of ferritic cast iron material on the crack resistance behaviour under dynamic load PDF
Peter Trubitz, Hans-Peter Winkler
Experimental and Numerical Investigation into the Adhesion of PVD Coatings on Minting Dies PDF
Jason Tunis, Xin Wang