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General Papers

The characterization of dominating region of fracture (process region) around a crack tip based on the concept of mechanical similarity and atomic mechanics PDF
Toshimitsu Yokobori, Yoshiko Nagumo, Takahiro Yajima, Toshihito Ohmi
Effects of electric field and poling on the cyclic bending fatigue in cracked piezoceramics PDF
Yasuhide Shindo, Fumio Narita, Masayuki Sato
Defect induced scaling in gigacycle fatigue PDF
Vladimir Oborin, Mickail Bannikov, Oleg Naimark
Finite element modeling of the coupling between thermal dissipation and fish-eye crack growth in very high cycle fatigue regime PDF
Laurent Gallimard, Quan H. Nguyen, Claude Bathias
Fracture based testing and modelling, and component fracture based testing and modelling, and component life assessment of welds PDF
Kamran Nikbin
Integrity increasing of damaged steel pipelines using external and internal reinforcing PDF
Janos Lukacs, Gyula Nagy, Imre Torok
Effect of pitch difference on anti-loosening performance for high strength bolts and nuts PDF
Xin Chen, Yu-Ichiro Akaishi, Nao-Aki Noda
Chirality and Size Dependent Elastic Properties of Silicene Nanoribbons under Uniaxial Tension PDF
Yuhang Jing, Yi Sun, Hongwei Niu
Solidification Cracking of IN 718 TIG Welds PDF
Myriam Brochu, Alexis Chiocca, Rafael Navalon-Cabanes
Low Frequency Laser Ultrasonics for Evaluation of Internal Cracks in Multi-layered Steels PDF
Sho Ikeda, Kaita Ito, Shoichi Nambu
Mechanisms of failure in porcelain-veneered sintered zirconia restorations PDF
Tan Sui, Kalin Dragnevski, Tee K. Neo
Finite element analysis of erosive wear for offshore structure PDF
Z.G. Liu, S. Wan, V.B. Nguyen
Cohesive Zone Analysis of Crack Propagation on a Hierarchical Structured Interface PDF
Xiaoru Wang, Akihiro Nakatani
Finite Deformation Modeling of Crystalline Defects in Hyper-elastic Material PDF
Akihiro Nakatani, Mitsuhiro Akita
Initiation and Propagation Behavior of a Fatigue Crack of Maraging Steel in High Humidity PDF
Qiang Chen, Takanori Nagano, Yuzo Nakamura
Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Wrought Magnesium Alloy AZ31 and AZ61 under Controlled Cathodic Potentials PDF
Toshifumi Kakiuchi, Yoshihiko Uematsu, Masaki Nakajima
Continuous vs. Discontinuous Crack Extension: Characterization of Ductile Tearing in Thin Plates PDF
Volodymyr P. Naumenko
Examination on a Criterion for a Debonding Fracture of Single Lap Joints from the Intensity of Singular Stress Field PDF
Tatsujiro Miyazaki, Nao-Aki Noda, Rong Li
Сriticality of Damage-Failure Transitions under Dynamic and Fatigue Loading PDF
Oleg Naimark
Investigation of Void Linkage in Magnesium Using SEM and Micro Computed X-ray Tomography PDF
Michael J. Nemcko, David S. Wilkinson
Crack initiation and growth in an Zn-Cu-Al PE alloy PDF
Francesco Iacoviello, Vittorio Di Cocco, Stefano Natali, Valerio Volpe
Effect of Second-Stage-Aging on the Fatigue Properties of Maraging Steel PDF
Norio Kawagoishi, Kohji Kariya, Takanori Nagano
Ductile to brittle transition concept on fracture behavior of poly(vinylidene fluoride) / poly(methyl methacrylate) blend PDF
Lucien Laiarinandrasana, Yannick Nziakou, Jean-Louis Halary
Some Microstructural Aspects on Humidity-Enhanced Deterioration in the Fatigue Strength of Age-Hardened 7075 Al Alloy PDF
Yuzo Nakamura, Kohji Kariya, Norio Kawagoishi
Statistical Model of Submicrocrack Evolution under Cyclic Loading PDF
Oleg Plekhov, Oleg Naimark
Effects of a newly incorporated with a stress-weakening term in a revised RSF on earthquake nucleation PDF
Nobuki Kame, Satoshi Fujita, Masao Nakatani
Effect of Notch Severity on Thermomechanical Fatigue Life of a Directionally-solidified Ni-base Superalloy PDF
Patxi Fernandez-Zelaia, Richard W. Neu
Quantitative analysis of microcracks ensemble induced by shock-wave loading of metallic targets (vanadium and iron). PDF
Elena Lyapunova, Oleg Naimark
Strain Rate Concentration Factor for Double-Edge-Notched Specimens Subjected to High Speed Tensile Loads PDF
Nao-Aki NODA, Yoshikazu SANO
Improvement of interlaminar mechanical properties of CARALL based on nanofiller interface reinforcement and other fabrication techniques PDF
Huiming Ning, Yuan Li
Measurement of Adhesion Energy of Electrospun Polymer Membranes Using a Shaft-loaded Blister Test PDF
Shing-Chung Wong, Haining Na
Fracture of rubbers under biaxial loading: A criterion based upon the intrinsic defect concept PDF
Moussa Naït Abdelaziz, Fahmi Zaïri
Fatigue crack growth in the contact wire of railway catenary PDF
Si Hai Mai, Mac Lan Nguyen-Tajan
Polymeric Fiber Arrays for Adhesion PDF
Shing-Chung Wong, Johnny F. Najem
Contact Fracture Mechanism of Electroplated Ni-P Coating on Stainless Steel Substrate PDF
Akio Yonezu, Michihiro Niwa
Evaluation of the Strength of Thin Metallic Films Coated on Brittle Materials by using an Indentation Fracture Method PDF
Yuzo Nakamura, Takashi Kawabata
Crack Healing Behavior of SiN/SiC Nano-Laminated Films PDF
Masanori Nakatani, Junki Nishimura