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General Papers

Comparing crack growth testing and simulation results under thermo-mechanical fatigue conditions PDF
Ramesh Chandwani, Christopher M. Timbrell, Steve Jacques
Cleavage modelling with experimental particle size distribution and novel particle failure criterion PDF
Andrey P Jivkov, Peter James
On Modeling of Thermal Embrittlement in PWR Steels using the Local Approach to Fracture PDF
Antoine Andrieu, André Pineau, Pierre Joly
Chirality and Size Dependent Elastic Properties of Silicene Nanoribbons under Uniaxial Tension PDF
Yuhang Jing, Yi Sun, Hongwei Niu
Efficient simulation of crack growth in multiple-crack systems considering internal boundaries and interfaces PDF
Paul Judt, Andreas Ricoeur
Influence of high temperature ageing on the toughness of advanced heat resistant materials PDF
Mattias Calmunger, Guocai Chai, Sten Johansson
Cracking simulation of ceramic materials under thermal shock by a non-local fracture model PDF
Li Jia, Song Fan, Jiang Chiping
Developing New Innovative Descaling and Corrosion Inhibiting Solutions to Protect Steel Equipment in the Oil and Gas Industry PDF
Abdulghani A. Jaralla, Muhannad M. Al-Darbi
A fracture-mechanics-based non-local damage model for crack prediction in brittle materials PDF
Zhang Xiao-Bing, Li Jia
Thermomechanical fatigue life of a TBC – comparison of computed and measured behaviour of delamination cracks PDF
Sören Sjöström, Håkan Brodin, Magnus Jinnestrand
Analysis of Metallic Ductile Fracture by extended Gurson models PDF
Wei Jiang, Yazhi Li, Yixiu Shu
Effects of loading rate and temperature on crack arrest behavior of hull steel in stiffened plate construction PDF
Chunhuan Guo, Yanmei Song, Fengchun Jiang
Healing of fatigue crack treated with surface activated pre-coating method by controlling high density electric current PDF
Atsushi Hosoi, Tomoya Kishi, Yang Ju
Fracture mechanisms during intergranular hold time fatigue crack growth in Inconel 718 superalloy PDF
Sten Johansson, Leif Viskari, Krystina Stiller
A Periodic Array of Parallel Edge Cracks in a Functionally Graded Plate Subjected to Finite Cooling Rates PDF
Yuezhong Feng, Zhihe Jin
Subcritical Crack Propagation and Coalescence Induced by the Oil-Gas Transformation PDF
Zhi-Qiang Fan, Zhi-He Jin, Scott E. Johnson
Growth of Grass Like Architectures on Si Substrate and Its Mechanism Study PDF
Lijiao Hu, Yang Ju
Droplet Ejection and Liquid-solid Separation from Covered Microfluidic Systems PDF
Weiqiang Wang, Thomas B. Jones
Core Shell Nanowire Surface Fastener Used for Mechanical and Electrical Room Temperature Bonding PDF
Peng Wang, Yang Ju
Structure of micro-crack population and damage evolution in concrete PDF
Andrey P Jivkov
Meso-scale features and couple stresses in fracture process zone PDF
Craig N Morrison, Andrey P Jivkov
Analysis of Failure Waves with an Elasto-statistical-brittle Model PDF
Zhijie Jiang, Mengfen Xia
A Numerical Model to Simulate the Pullout of Carbon Fibre with Radially Grown Carbon Nanotubes PDF
Yuanyuan Jia, Zuorong Chen
Influence of Surface Effects and Flexoelectricity on Vibration of Piezoelectric Nanobeams PDF
Zhi Yan, Liying Jiang
On the Dynamic Behaviour of Surface-Bonded Piezoelectric Sensors/Actuators with Partially Debonded Adhesive Layers PDF
Congrui Jin, Lu Han