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General Papers

Anti-plane moving polarization saturation crack in ferroelectric solids PDF
Hao-Sen Chen, Dai-Ning Fang
Very high cycle fatigue for single phase ductile materials: Microplasticity and energy dissipation PDF
Veronique Favier, Ngoc L. Phung, Nicolas Ranc
Evaluation of an ultrasonic device to test fretting-fatigue in very high cycle regime PDF
Pedro Filgueiras, Claude Bathias, Ernani Palma
Microplasticity, microdamage, microcracking in ultrasonic fatigue PDF
C. Bathias, D. Field, S. Antolovich, P.C. Paris
The eXtended Finited Element Method for frictional contact problem PDF
Zhiqiang Hu, Guogang Fan, Gao Lin
The local concept to assess weldment with help of nano-indentation and FEM simulation PDF
Jie Fang, Huang Yuan
Effect of thermally activated energy on dislocation emission from a blunted crack tip PDF
X. Zeng, Q.H. Fang, Y.W. Liu
Effect of cooperative grain boundary sliding and migration on emission of dislocations from a crack tip in nanocrystalline materials PDF
H. Feng, Q.H. Fang, Y.W. Liu
Edge dislocation emission from nanovoid with the effect of neighboring nanovoids and surface stress PDF
Yingxin Zhao, Qihong Fang, Youwen Liu
Edge dislocation emission from nanovoid with the effect of neighboring nanovoids and surface stress PDF
Yingxin Zhao, Qihong Fang, Youwen Liu
Determination of the mechanical properties of normal and calcified human mitral chordae tendineae PDF
José A. Casado, Soraya Diego, Diego Ferreño
Understanding Backspatter due to Skull Fracture from a Ballistic Projectile PDF
Raj Das, Justin Fernandez, Alistair Collins
Cracking simulation of ceramic materials under thermal shock by a non-local fracture model PDF
Li Jia, Song Fan, Jiang Chiping
Mechanical Characterization of Sisal Fiber Reinforced Cement Mortar PDF
Roberto Fujiyama, Fathi Darwish, Marcos Pereira
Identification of fracture process under moisture variation in wood materials PDF
Frédéric Dubois, Rostand Moutou Pitti, Eric Fournely
Advanced remeshing techniques for complex 3D crack propagation PDF
Vincent Chiaruttini, Vincent Riolo, Frederic Feyel
Effect of Characteristic Specifications on Fracture Toughness of Asphalt Concrete Materials PDF
Hamid Behbahani, MohammadReza. M. Aliha, Hassan Fazaeli
Mimoun Elboujdaini, Bingyan Fang, Rrg Eadie
Experimental study of heat dissipation process into fatigue crack tip in titanium alloys. PDF
M.V. Bannikov, A.I. Terekhina, A.Y. Fedorova
Influence of Microstructure on Fatigue Crack Propagation and Fracture Toughness of Large Ti-6Al-4V Cast Structure PDF
Xin Feng, Anqi Wang, Yingjie Ma
Introduction of a reverse simulation approach to identify the fatigue SIF crack arrest threshold from fretting cracking experiments PDF
Alix de Pannemaecker, Siegfried Fouvry, Jean-Yves Buffière
Fretting fatigue properties under the effect of hydrogen and the mechanisms that cause the reduction in fretting fatigue strength PDF
Jader Furtado, Ryosuke Komoda, Masanobu Kubota
Evaluation Using Digital Image Correlation and Finite Element method of Stress Intensity Factors and T-stress PDF
M.L.Hattali M.L.Hattali, H. Auradou, M. François
Study of Stored Energy Evolution at Fatigue Crack Tip Based on Infrared Data PDF
Anastasia Fedorova, Michael Bannikov, Oleg Plekhov
Application of a non local fatigue stress gradient- weigth function approach to predict the crack nucleation risk induced by Fretting Fatigue PDF
Siegfried Fouvry, Bruno Berthel
A Model Allowing for the Influence of Geometry and Stress in the Assessment of Fatigue Data PDF
Constanze Przybilla, Roland Koller, Alfonso Fernández-Canteli
Marcos F. Odorczyk, José D. Bressan, Luiz C. Fontana
A Periodic Array of Parallel Edge Cracks in a Functionally Graded Plate Subjected to Finite Cooling Rates PDF
Yuezhong Feng, Zhihe Jin
Subcritical Crack Propagation and Coalescence Induced by the Oil-Gas Transformation PDF
Zhi-Qiang Fan, Zhi-He Jin, Scott E. Johnson
Effects of a newly incorporated with a stress-weakening term in a revised RSF on earthquake nucleation PDF
Nobuki Kame, Satoshi Fujita, Masao Nakatani
XFEM modelling of degradation-permeability coupling in complex geomaterials PDF
B. Sonon, B. François, A.P.S. Selvadurai
Applications of Fracture Theory to Instability Co-seismic Fault Problem PDF
TianYou Fan, ZhuFeng Sun, ZhongLei Du
Effect of Notch Severity on Thermomechanical Fatigue Life of a Directionally-solidified Ni-base Superalloy PDF
Patxi Fernandez-Zelaia, Richard W. Neu
Numerical Study of Allowable Current Density for Electromigration Damage of Multilevel Interconnection in Integrated Circuit PDF
Kazuhiko Sasagawa, Kazuhiro Fujisaki
The interphase elasto-plastic damaging model PDF
Giuseppe Giambanco, Giuseppe Fileccia Scimemi, Antonino Spada
Nonlinear fracture mechanics metal foams PDF
Tian You Fan, Hai Yun Hu
Initiation and Interaction of a Pulse Beam of Xenon Ions with an Obstacle PDF
Vladimir A. Bratov, Sergei I. Fedoseenko
Crack and fracture theory of liquid crystals and quasicrystals PDF
Tian You Fan
Constitutive modeling and Computational Simulations of the external pressure induced buckling collapse of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) liners PDF
Patricia M. Frontini, Federico Rueda
Influence of Free Surface Roughening on Ductile Fracture Behavior Under Uni-axial Tensile State for Metal Foils PDF
Tsuyoshi Furushima, Hitomi Tsunezaki
Pre-fracture zone model on magnetoelectrically permeable interface crack between two dissimilar magnetoelectroelastic materials PDF
Peng MA, Wenjie Feng
Self-patterning through thin film buckling PDF
Jean-Yvon Faou, Guillaume Parry
Towards interface toughness measurement in nanometric films PDF
Guillaume Parry, Jean-Yvon Faou