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General Papers

2D simulation of tensile behavior of fiber-reinforced brittle matrix composites with weak interface PDF
S. Ochiai, S. Kimura, M. Tanaka, M. Hojo
A boundary element based meso-analysis on the evolution of material damage PDF
H. Okada, Y. Fukui, N. Kumazawa
A new approach for identifying the bending loads on beam using the discrete integral method PDF
H. Kisu, G. Rong, Y. Kondo
A stiffness release (finite element) model for high speed crack propagation analysis PDF
N. N. Kishore, M. Siva Reddy, G. V. Deskmukh
A study of fatigue cracking behaviour dependent on the distance between two hole defects PDF
S.-H. Song, J.-S. Bae, A. Kim
Ab initio study of generalized stacking fault energies in magnesium PDF
T. Uesugi, M. Kohyama, M. Kohzu, K. Higashi
Accuracy of measurement in instrumented impact test PDF
T. Kobayashi, S. Morita
An experimental model of void growth and coalescence during ductile fracture PDF
C. R. Colapietro, P. A. Kirkham, D. A. Koss
Analysis and testing of rupture of steam generator tubing with flaws PDF
S. Majumdar, K. S. Kasza, J. Y. Park, J. Abou Hanna
Assessment of fracturing tunnel linings with smeared crack model PDF
Z. S. Wu, J. Yin, T. Asakura, Y. Kojima
Automatic control of secondary flexure in uniaxial tensile test of concrete PDF
H. Akita, S. Donggy, H. Koide, M. Tomon
Can stretch zone measurements provide a good estimate of fracture toughness PDF
S. Sivaprasad, S. Tarafder, V. R. Ranganath, S. K. Das, K. K Ray
Co-planar crack interaction in cleaved MICA PDF
J.C. Hill, S.J. Bennison, P.A. Klein, A. Jagota, S. Saigal
Complex component failure with large ductile crack growth - high quality prediction by damage mechanical simulation and experimental verification PDF
W. Baer, D. Klingbeil
Composite laminates least prone to cracking under combined mechanical and thermal loads PDF
B. L. Karihaloo, J. Wang
Corrosion cracking of stainless steel under stress: the problem and its solution PDF
A. A. Myatie-v, G. V. Khil'chenko
Corrosion fatigue fracture behavior of high-strength Cu trolley wire for high-speed railroad services PDF
K. Minoshima, K. Miyazawa, K. Komai
Coupling of asymptotic solutions with finite elements at interface configurations in piezoelectric composites PDF
M. Scherzer, M. Kuna
Crack growth characteristics under high temperature fatigue-creep multiplication division PDF
M. Yoda, O. Yokota, M. Kanou, T. Yokobori
Crack Tip Deformation and Toughness in Polypropylenes PDF
S. Seidler, T. Koch, I. Kotter, W. Grellmann
Creep crack growth analysis based on microscopic fracture mechanism PDF
M. Tabuchi, K. Kubo, K. Yagi, A. T. Yokobori
Cyclic compression of jacketed reinforced concrete columns PDF
D. Krajcinovic
Cyclic plastic deformation of pipeline steel PDF
C. H. L. J. ten Horn, A. Bakker, R. W. J. Koers, J. T. Martin, J. Zuidema
Damage and fracture in creep of magnesium alloy-based composites PDF
V. Sklenicka, M. Pahutova, M. Svoboda, K. Kucharova, I. Podstranska
Damage evolution and fracture of viscoelastic composites under time-varying loads PDF
J. Varna, A. Krasnikovs, R. Talreja
Damage progression behaviour under high temperature creep and fatigue conditions PDF
A. T. Yokobori Jr., Y. Kaji, T. Kuriyama
Deformation Characteristics on Creasing of Paperboard Under Shallow Indentation PDF
S. Nagasawa, Y. Fukuzawa, D. Yamaguchi, S. Nagae, I. Katayama, A. Yoshizawa
Deformation of [001] NiTi single crystals PDF
H. Sehitoglu, X. Zhang, J. Jun, I. Karaman, K. Gall, Y. Chumlyakov
Design of experiments for reliability assessment of active mechanical structures PDF
R. Kouta, H. Fall, W. Charon
Determination of fracture toughness of rock under in-situ conditions using semi-circular specimen PDF
M. D. Kuruppu, M. Seto
Development and validation of a robust fracture mechanics methodology for damage tolerance of rotorcraft PDF
S.N. Atluri, G. Nikishkov, D. Le, C. Harrsion, M. F. Kanninen
Development of cohesive models from the study of atomic scale fracture processes PDF
P. A. Klein, J. A. Zimmerman, E. P. Chen
Digital speckle correlation test for fracture of thin film PDF
H. Wang, Y. Kang
Direct evaluation of accurate stress intensity factors with a partition of unity method PDF
B. L. Karihaloo, Q. Z Xiao
Discontinous crack growth of polymide resin, effect of molecular weight PDF
M. Notomi, K. Kishimoto, T. Shibuya, H. Inaba, A. Morita
Dynamic fracture behaviour of composites PDF
S. Ravi, N. G. R. Iyengar, N. N. Kishore, A. Shu
Dynamic tensile strength of PMMA/AL plate butt adhesive joints PDF
H. Wada, S. Kubo, K. Murase, T. C. Kennedy
Effect of aqueous environment and viscid droplet on deformation of spider thread PDF
M. Kitagwa
Effect of bridging ligaments upon crack kinking in graded interfaces PDF
M. Hoffman, L. Kidson, C. Deneke
Effect of film plasticizing under multistage ultimate strain PDF
A. A. Myatie-v, G. V. Khil'chenko
Effect of humidity on fatigue crack propagation of aluminum alloys PDF
Y. Koboyashi, Y. Ito, K. Kido, K. Ishikawa
Effect of impact loading on tensile strength of concretes PDF
M. Daimaruya, H. Kobayashi, H. Shizawa, R. A. Siriegar, Y. Ishihata
Effect of residual stress on fatigue strength of steel modified by WPC process PDF
D. Yonekura, H. Akebono, J. Komotori, M. Shimizu, H. Shimizu
Effect of surface roughness on corrosion response of stainless steel polished by ELID grinding method PDF
J. Nagata, J. Komotori, K. Katahira, H. Ohmori
Effects of constraint and grain size on ductility and toughness in Ti Alloys PDF
S. Kanamori, E. Abe, T. Tagawa, T. Miyata
Effects of noble gas environments on fatigue crack growth in titanium alloys PDF
M. Shimojo, R. Kusama, M. Otsubo, Y. Higo
Effects of plastic strain on cleavage fracture predictions in steel PDF
S. R. Bordet, A. D. Karstensen, C. S. Wiesner, D. M. Knowles
Effects of static stress on anodic polarization behavior of Ti-4.5Al-3V-2Mo-2Fe alloy PDF
N. Hyakutake, M. Takagaki, J. Komotori, A. Ogawa, K. Minakawa
Effects of stress ratio on striation formation under cyclic loading conditions in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) PDF
C. Ishiyama, K. Kobayashi, T. Asai, Y. Higo
Elastic instability of alloys by hydrogenation: Molecular dynamics study of hydrogen-induced amorphization PDF
M. Katagiri, H. Onodera
Environmentally assisted fracture behavior of silicon microelements PDF
K. Komai, K. Minoshima, T. Terada
Estimation of dynamic stress intensity factors for beams and cylindrical specimens PDF
S. Y. Kovchyk, V. M. Boyko, I. V. Khodan, I. D. Skrypnyk
Evaluation of bond properties of crack injection repair for concrete structures PDF
K. Rokugo, M. Kunieda, T. Kamada
Evaluation of thermal and elastic properties for solid surfaces using transient reflecting grating method PDF
K. Katayama, Q. Shen, A. Harata, T. Sawada
Experimental and analytical studies on peeling behaviour and spalling resistance effect of externally bonded continuous fiber sheets PDF
Z. Wu, T. Asakura, H. Yoshizawa, H. Yuan, A. Kobayashi, T. Takahashi
Experimental and finite element analysis of fracture criterion of extra deep drawn steel sheets PDF
D. M. Kulkarni, R. Prakash
Experimental validation of T* Integral PDF
A. S. Kobayashi, S. N. Atluri
Experimental validation of T* Integral PDF
A. S. Kobayashi, S. N. Atluri
Fatigue behaviour of multiphase steels for automotive applications PDF
L. Tosal-Martinez, J. Keichel, N. Akdut
Fatigue crack propagation of dissimilar metal welds PDF
C. S. Kusko, J. N. DuPont, A. R. Marder, S. Spooner
Fatigue damage in advanced polymer matrix composites PDF
H. E. Carroll, T. J. Mathams, D. M. Knowles, A. J. Davies
Fatigue fracture plane direction assessment through the weight function method PDF
A. Carpinteri, A. Karolczuk, E. Macha
Fiducial marks as a measure of thin film crack arrest toughness PDF
A. Volinsky, M. L. Kottke, I. S. Adhihetty, W. Gerberich
First principles molecular dynamics calculation on the tensile strength of Ai grain boundary PDF
G. H. Lu, M. Kohyama, R. Yamamoto
First-principle and classical molecular dynamics study on tensile and shear strength of silicon nitride PDF
S. Ogata, H. Kitagawa, N. Hirosaki
First-principles calculations of the tensile strength and fracture of coincidence tilt boundaries in SiC PDF
M. Kohyama
Formation and evaluation of HAp films by electrochemical method PDF
S. Ozone, Y. Kimura
Formation of hierarchical ordered crack systems at fracture PDF
H. Kisu, Y. Kondo, G. Rong
Formation of TiO2* thin film by ion-beam-mixing method and its application as the corrosion protecting film PDF
Y. Kimura, H. Saito
Fracture behaviour of a SiCw/6061Al alloy composite under cyclic loading PDF
L. Wang, T. Kobayashi, Z. M. Sun, H. Toda
Fracture initiation and crack growth - cohesive zone modeling and stereoscopic measurements PDF
C. R. Chen, O. Kolednik, F. D. Fischer, I. Scheider, T. Siegmund, A. Tatschl
Fracture mechanical characterization of semicrystalline thermoplastics PDF
H. H. Kausch, Ph. Beguelin, Ch. Grein, C. J. G. Plummer
Fracture strength degradation of Si-based ceramics by molten salt corrosion PDF
N. Masuda, Y. Kimura
Fracture Toughness Envelope of a Limestone Rock at High Confining Pressure and Temperature PDF
N. A. Al-shayea, K. Khan
Fracture toughness of polymer interfaces: From the molecular to the continuum scale PDF
C. Creton, E. J. Kramer, H. R. Brown, C. Y. Hui
Growth of cracks in steel under repeated thermal shock in a chemically controlled environment PDF
J. W. H. Price, B. B. Kerezsi, R. Ibrahim
High strain rate deformation behavior of Al-Mg alloys PDF
T. Masuda, T. Kobayashi, H. Toda
Hydrogen, Hydrides, and Crack Tip Deformation in Titanium PDF
C. L. Briant, Z. F. Wang, K. S. Kumar
Improvement of mechanical properties of alumina particulate composites using polycrystalline alumina powder PDF
K. Kageyama, K. Ohi, H. Kato
In-situ ultrasonic characterization of fatigue crack initiation and evolution from surface damage PDF
S.I. Rokhlin, J.-Y. Kim
Influence of annealing process on ultrafast carrier dynamics for an ion-implanted silicon surface PDF
H. Donen, Y. Inagaki, K. Katayama, M. Fujinami, T. Sawada
Influence of loading rate on shear fracture toughness for failure mode transition PDF
J. F. Kalthoff, A. Burgel
Inhomogeneity effects on crack growth PDF
N. K. Simha, F. D. Fischer, O. Kolednik
Interface crack in a periodically layered bimaterial composite PDF
M. Ryvkin, L. Kucherov
Local fracture properties in MMC's PDF
O. Kolednik, I. Sabirov
Low cycle fatigue of alumina PDF
M. T. Kokaly, A. S. Kobayashi, K. W. White
Materials with cracks and pores: micromechanics, cross-property correlations and applications PDF
M. Kachanov, I. Sevostianov
Mechanical and fracture properties of methacrylic particle-modified PVC PDF
Y. Nakamura, E. Takekuni, Y. Kinugawa, T. Iida
Mesodamage of 2024-T3 aluminum alloy specimen due to corrosion-induced localized hydrogen embrittlement PDF
A. T. Kermanidis, P. Papanikos, S. G. Pantelakis
Microelectromechanical structures for multi-axial fatigue testing PDF
K. Komvopoulos
Microstructural features of short crack growth in a Beta-titanium Alloy PDF
U. Krupp, W. Floer, H.-J. Christ, A. Schick, C.-P. Fritzen
Microstructure and mechanical properties of laser cladded steel plates PDF
S. Niederhauser, B. Karlsson
Mixed mode I/II fracture toughness of mild steel PDF
M. Srinivas, S. V. Kamat, P. Rama Rao
Modeling of crack-opening stress levels under different service loading spectra and stress levels for a 1045 annealed steel PDF
M. Khalil, T. H. Topper, K. Soudki
Modelling of damage evolution equation of PZT ceramics and its application to crack growth analysis PDF
M. Mizuno, Y. Honda, H. Kato
Modelling of transversly isotropic blister test specimen PDF
F. S. Kadioglu
Nonlinear fracture mechanics of delamination failure in a composite strengthened concrete beam PDF
C. K. Y. Leung, M. Klenke, W. K. Tung, H. C. Y. Luk
Numerical investigation of fatigued composites under cyclic compression spectra PDF
A. Pelegri, D. Kedlaya
Observation of fatigue crack initiation and early propagation in ultrafine-grained steel by atomic force microscopy PDF
H. Kimura, Y. Akiniwa, K. Tanaka, J. Kondo, T. Ishikawa
On Predictive Modeling for the assessment of Fracture Behaviour in ferritic alloys PDF
A.N. Kumar
On the crack stability in metal particulate reinforced brittle matrix composites PDF
M. Kotoul, R. Urbis
On the ductile fracture in cylindrical tube bulging under impulsive loading PDF
Y. Sato, K. Kono, H. Ogawa
Oxide fiber-coatings for controlled fracture in robust ceramic composites PDF
R. Kerans
Plastic flow and fracture of bulk nanocrystalline ceramics and intermetallics in indentation PDF
H. Kimura
Predicting the fatigue-life of structural adhesive joints PDF
A. J. Kinloch, A. J. Curley, H. Hadavinia, A. C. Taylor
Prestraining effect on creep creep behaviour of nickel-base superalloy PDF
Y. H. Zhang, D. M. Knowles
Probabilistic failure assessment of a carbon-carbon shell for the earth entry vehicle concept PDF
R. E. Kurth, F. W. Brust
Real-time health monitoring system available for any anisotropic condition on CFRP PDF
J. H. Koo
Reconstruction of fracture process of spheroidal graphite cast iron by analyzing the confocal scanning laser microscope images PDF
Y. Mori, Y. Obata, P. Kriengsak, T. Umeda, S. Nose
Role of Nondestructive Evaluation for the Purpose of the Understanding Fracture Mechanism PDF
T. Kishi
Rubber-particle-size dependent strain rate effects on mechanical properties and de formation behaviour of high-impact polystyrene PDF
T. Kuboki, K. Takahashi, P. Y. Ben Jar, T. Shinmu
Scratch Testing and acoustic emission of nanostructured partially stabilized zirconia PDF
M. R. Gold, R. S. Lima, A. Kucuk, C. C. Berndt
Self-Healing Polymer Composites PDF
S. White, E. N. Brown, M. R. Kessler, S. Sriram
Semi-weight function method of three dimensional problem in fracture mechanics PDF
L. Chuntu, M. Kaiping
Simulation of domain switch-toughening in ferroelectric ceramics PDF
M. Kuna, A. Ricoeur
Simulation of propagation of small fatigue cracks interacting with grain boundary PDF
A. Akiniwa, K. Tanaka, H. Kimura
Stress analysis and life assessment of a gas turbine blade PDF
M. Mirzaei, R. Karimi
Stress corrosion crack growth behaviour of austenitic stainless steels in hot concentrated chloride solution PDF
H. Shaikh, H. S. Khatak, P. Rodriguez
Suppression of transverse cracks in CFRP laminates with embedded SMA foils PDF
N. Takeda, M. Kobayashi, T. Okabe
Tensile and low cycle fatigue standard testing for solders - JSMS recommendation PDF
M. Sakane, H. Nose, M. Kitano, H. Takahashi, M. Mukai, Y. Tsuka
The effect of processing on tensile strength and fracture behavior of CFRP smart composites with embedded shape memory alloy wires PDF
B. K. Jang, J.-H. Koo, Y. Xu, N. Toyama, H. Yoshida, Y. Akimune
The fracture toughness properties of large upset resistance stainless steel welds PDF
M. J. Morgan, S. L. West, W. R. Kanne Jr, G. K. Chapman
The high temperature fatigue of a nickel-base superalloy: the influence of waveform variables PDF
D. M. Knowles, D. K. Skelton
Thermal shock damage mechanism of fiber bonded ceramics PDF
J. Kogo
Validity requirement for the CNT small specimen testing procedure to evaluate fracture toughness PDF
J. W. H Price, A. Kotousov, B. Kerezsi