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General Papers

Correlation between Thickness and Crack Length as a Means of Achieving Plane Strain Conditions PDF
P. M. S. T. de Castro, J. Spurrier, P. Hancock
Evaluation of Defects in Welds for Brittle and Ductile Failure Modes PDF
R. Fleissig, A. Schopper, R. Steinbuch, R. Wellein
Evaluation of the J-Integral by Analytical and Finite Element Methods PDF
M. H. Bleackley, A. R. Luxmoore, J. Sump
Experimental and Theoretical Study of Cracks in Mixed Mode Conditions PDF
P. Jodin, G. Pluvinage, G. Loubignac, D. Serres
Finite Element Method and its Application to Two- and Three- Dimensional Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Fracture Toughness Specimens PDF
E. Keim, W. Schmitt
Introduction to Session Nine: Thin Sheet Fracture Mechanics PDF
K.-H. Schwalbe
Load Cycling of Cracked Plates in Tension PDF
C. M. Branco, J. Saldanha Peres
R- Curves Evaluation for Centre Cracked Panels PDF
K.-H. Schwalbe, W. Setz
Sizing of Spot Welds by Elastic/Plastic Analysis PDF
R. A. Smith
The Influence of Plastic Deformation on Crack Propagation in Sodium Chloride PDF
M. Breucker, R. Steinbrech