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General Papers

An efficient nonlocal treatment for damage modeling based on the background mesh concept PDF
H. Li, X. Pan, Huang Yuan
Corrosion on the deformed surfaces PDF
Rishat Giniyatullin, Nukh Yakupov, Samat Yakupov
Damage evolutions in sinter powder metals PDF
Huang Yuan, Songyun Ma, M. Schneider
Effects of the Cohesive Law in Ductile Crack Analysis using Cohesive Zone Models PDF
X. Li, Huang Yuan
Experimental observations to the spall of metal tubes under inward sliding detonation PDF
Xuemei Li, Lin Zhang, Yuying Yu, Yinghua Li
Forming Limits of Metal Sheets and Tubes: Analysis Method and Experimental Validation PDF
Toshihiko Kuwabara, Kengo Yoshida
Hydrogen diffusion in metals under fatigue failure PDF
Dmitry Indeitsev, Vladimir Polyanskiy, Boris Semenov, Mikhail Sterlin, Yury Yakovlev
Influence of a magnetic field on corrosion deterioration PDF
Nukh Yakupov, Rishat Giniyatullin, Samat Yakupov
Maintenance of safety of water-cooling tower constructions PDF
Samat Yakupov, Nukh Yakupov, Rinnat Nurullin, Akhmet Nurgaliev
On multi-axial fatigue models for notched specimens PDF
Jie Fang, Huang Yuan
Reliability and Robustness of Wheelchairs under Impact Loading PDF
A. Mimaroglu, I. K. Yilmazcoban, H. Unal, M. Elmas
Residual life prediction of power steam turbine disk with fixed operating time PDF
Boris Ilchenko, Rustam Yarullin, Alexander Zakharov, Ruslan Gizzatullin
Simulation of the shock-induced phase transition and spall of cerium PDF
Lin Zhang, Xuemei Li, Yinghua Li, Yuying Yu
Sound Velocities and Shear Strength of Shocked U within 10-250 GPa PDF
Evgeny Kozlov, D.G. Pankratov, O.V. Tkachyov, A.K. Yakunin
Synergetic Discretely-Likelihood Fatigue Model Based Structure Lifetime Prediction Methods Improvement PDF
Andrey Radchenko, Sviatoslav Yutskevych, V. Panteleev
The Calculation in whole Process Rate Realized with Two of Type Variable under symmetrical cycle for Elastic-Plastic Materials Behavior PDF
Yangui Yu, Yanghui Ma
The damage mechanics approach and the damage evolution of bone considering the mechanical-electric-magnetic coupling effects PDF
Shouwen Yu, Chuanyoung Qu, Xieqiao Feng
The flux effect on radiation embrittlement of WWER RPV materials PDF
Elena Yurchenko, Boris Margolin, A.M. Morozov, N.E. Pirogova