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General Papers

A new interpretation of the loading path effect in high cycle fatigue via numerical simulation of polycrystalline aggregate PDF
Raphaël Guerchais, Camille Robert, Franck Morel, Nicolas Saintier, Thierry Palin-Luc
A new SEM in-situ fatigue testing apparatus and its application for evaluation of damage at higher load cycles PDF
Johannes Reiser, Ch. Motz, Reinhard Pippan, Ch. Guster
Acoustics emission diagnostics of bridges PDF
Valentin Skalsky, Zinoviy Nazarchuk, Denys Rudavskyy, Oleg Sergiyenko
Analysis of local failure modes and subsequent scenarios of global failures of complex technical systems PDF
Dmitry Reznikov
Analysis of micro-mechanical damage in tool steels coupling fracture mechanics and acoustic emission PDF
Ingrid Picas, Eva Martínez-González, Daniel Casellas, Jordi Romeu
Analysis of the mesoscopic high cycle fatigue strength of FCC metals with polycrystalline plasticity and extreme value probability methods PDF
Anis Hor, Nicolas Saintier, Camille Robert, Thierry Palin-Luc, Franck Morel
Analytical and experimental determination of the fracture toughness by means of Small Punch Test specimens notched with a femtolaser PDF
Inés Peñuelas, Cristina Rodríguez, Javier Belzunce, C. Betegón
Application of thermo-elastic dislocation on a cracked layer under temperature field PDF
Mohammad Ravandi, Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi, Shahriyar Fariborz
Biological Degradation of the Hierarchical Structure and Fracture Properties of Human Bone with Aging and Disease PDF
Robert Ritchie
Characterization of the microstructure, strain rate dependent material and fracture toughness behavior of a high strength Fe85Cr4Mo4.9V2.1W2.7C1.4 steel PDF
Markus Ruessel, Stefan Martin, Lutz Krüger, Wolfgang Kreuzer
Crack propagation criterion for a pre-stressed elastic composite subjected by tangential forces PDF
Eduard-Marius Craciun, Adrian Rabaea, Liviu Marsavina, Ionel Nicolae, Erol Carjali
Damaged welded pipes for oil and gas rigs exposed to internal pressure - failure estimation PDF
Marko Rakin, Miodrag Arsi?, Živ?e Šarko?evi?, Bojan Medjo, Aleksandar Sedmak
Deformation and fracture of fragile anisotropic materials and designs under dynamic loading PDF
Andrey Radchenko, Pavel Radchenko
Experimental and expected fatigue fracture plane according to variance and cumulative damage methods under multiaxial loading PDF
Zbigniew Marciniak, Dariusz Rozumek, Ewald Macha
Experimental Characterization of the Threshold- and Fatigue Crack Growth Behaviour Regarding Negative Stress Ratios PDF
Viktor Kloster, Hans Albert Richard, Gunter Kullmer
Failure criteria for single crystal alloys of gas turbine blades under static and thermocycling loading PDF
Leonid Getsov, A. Semenov, E. Tikhomirova, A. Rybnikov
Fatigue fracture estimation of ductile structural steels PDF
Denys Rudavskyy, Valentin Skalsky, Roman Basarab
Finite Element Analysis on Burst Pressure of Defective Steel Pipes PDF
Norhaida Ab Razak, Nasrul Azuan Alang, Ahmad Syahrizan Sulaiman
Fracture of constructional materials with HVOF covering at dynamic loads PDF
Pavel Radchenko, Andrey Radchenko, Ruslan Balokhonov
Influence of a functional gradation on crack propagation in real structures PDF
Hans Albert Richard, Britta Schramm
Influence of Corrosion Pits on the Fatigue Limit of 12% Cr Steam Turbine Blade Steel PDF
Bernd Schoenbauer, Stefanie Tschegg, Neville Rieger, Ronald Salzman, David Gandy
Influence of intermediate post-weld heat treatments on the fracture toughness of Cr-Mo-V steel welds PDF
Tomás Eduardo García Suárez, Cristina Rodríguez, Javier Belzunce
Influence of pore structure on mechanical properties of ceramic materials. 3D simulation using movable cellular automata PDF
Alexey Smolin, Nikita Roman, Sergey Psakhie
Mechanisms of deformation and fracture in coated materials. Multiscale numerical simulation PDF
Ruslan Balokhonov, Varvara Romanova, Siegfried Schmauder, Eugen Schwab
Micromechanically motivated damage model for brittle materials under thermal shock PDF
Dimitri Henneberg, Andreas Ricoeur
Modeling of heat transfer in a non-homogeneous material with a crack. The study of singularity at the vicinity of the crack tips PDF
Andrey Glushko, Alexander Ryabenko
Multiscale Experiments on Ductile Failure in Polycrystalline Materials PDF
Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar, Ali Ghahremaninezhad
On applicability of Hall-Petch law in metals PDF
Olga Ignatova, Andru Malyshev, D. Petrova, V. Raevsky, M. Tkachenko
Real and Virtual Fracture Tests on Welding Lines of Injection Molded Short Fiber Reinforced Polymers PDF
Zoltan Major, M. Miron, M. Reiter, T. Adachi
Regularities of fatigue fracture of metal materials PDF
Aleksander Romanov
Semi-analytical investigations of R-curve behavior in ferroelectric materials considering different scales PDF
Roman Gellmann, Andreas Ricoeur
Synergetic Discretely-Likelihood Fatigue Model Based Structure Lifetime Prediction Methods Improvement PDF
Andrey Radchenko, Sviatoslav Yutskevych, V. Panteleev
The effect of roll-forming onto fatigue life of railway axles PDF
Daniele Regazzi, Stefano Beretta, Michele Carboni
The effect on the mode I stress intensity factor of plastic dissipation in heat at the crack tip under cyclic loading. PDF
Nicolas Ranc, Thierry Palin-Luc, Paul C. Paris, Nicolas Saintier
The Spall Strength and Hugoniot Elastic Limit of Tantalum with Various Grain Size. PDF
Sergey Razorenov, Gennady Garkushin, Gennady I. Kanel, Olga Ignatova