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General Papers

A New Technique for Enhancement of Fatigue Life of Bolt-nut Connections PDF
Gholam Hossein Majzoobi, Farzad Farahi
A unified analysis of the in-plane and out-of-plane constraints in 3-D linear elastic fracture mechanics PDF
Alfonso Fernández-Canteli, E. Giner, D. Fernández-Zúñiga, J. Fernández-Sáez
Adhesive bonded Structures – a life in the light of continuum mechanics? PDF
Stephan Froemmel, Hans-Joachim Gudladt
Application of thermo-elastic dislocation on a cracked layer under temperature field PDF
Mohammad Ravandi, Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi, Shahriyar Fariborz
Comparison of viscoelastic moduli fitting using optimization methods PDF
Fernandez Pelayo, Alvaro Noriega, Maria-Jesus Lamela, Alfonso Fernández-Canteli
Consideration on the mechanisms causing reduction in fretting fatigue strength by hydrogen PDF
Masanobu Kubota, Ryosuke Komoda, Jader Furtado
Development of High-Performance Electric Strain Gage for High-Pressure Hydrogen Gas Use PDF
Takashi Matsuo, Hiroaki Furukawa, Katsuo Seki, Kiyoaki Shimizu, Shogo Watanabe, Saburo Matsuoka
Enhancement of local approach models for assessment of cleavage fracture considering micro mechanical aspects PDF
Volker Hardenacke, Jörg Hohe, Valérie Friedmann, Dieter Siegele
Estimation of damage in porous material by cracks using its deformability to find their influence on its strength PDF
Rafael Salganik, Alexandr Fedotov
Experimental and numerical investigation of fracturing mechanism in concrete using deflagration agent PDF
Kazuma Moriya, Daisuke Fukuda, Katsuhiko Kaneko, Katsuya Sasaki, Ryo Sakamoto
Fatigue and cracking behaviour of austenitic CrNiMo and CrMnN steels in chloride containing environment at elevated temperature PDF
Clemens Vichytil, Gregor Mori, Reinhard Pippan, Michael Panzenböck, Rainer Fluch
Fracture of thin coatings based on multi-component oxides in friction contact PDF
Elena Torskaya, Alexey Morozov, Alexey Mezrin, Boris Sachek, Vyacheslav Sakharov, Nikolay Frolov
High-rate deformation and fracture under extreme conditions PDF
Vladimir E. Fortov, Gennady I. Kanel
Intergranular microcracking due to anisotropic thermal expansion in calcite marbles PDF
Andrea Spagnoli, Anna Maria Ferrero, Maria Rita Migliazza
J-Resistance curve of X60 steel using SE(T) specimens by elastic compliance and potential drop methods PDF
André Carvalho, Juliana Martins, Roberto Piovatto, Waldek Bose Filho
Mechanisms of Degradation and Brittle Fracture of Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels Under Longterm Operation PDF
Ya. I. Shtrombach, Boris Gurovich, Evgenia Kuleshova, D.A. Maltsev, S.V. Fedotova, A.S. Frolov
Micro-cantilever Testing to Evaluate the Mechanical Properties of Thermal Barrier Coatings PDF
Dong Liu, James Brown, Peter Flewitt
Molecular dynamics simulation of nanocluster deposition on the metal substrate PDF
Andrey Utkin, Igor Golovnev, Vasily Fomin
Molecular dynamics simulation of thin films deformation PDF
Alexey Bolesta, Vasily Fomin
On multi-axial fatigue models for notched specimens PDF
Jie Fang, Huang Yuan
On the Strengthening of Structural Concrete Beams with Polymeric Fibers PDF
Itamar Freitas, Katia Allende, Fathi Darwish, Marcos Pereira
Relation between fatigue crack initiation and structure in pearlitic steel PDF
Tomoya Fujisawa, D. Sasaki, Shigeru Hamada, Hiroshi Noguchi
Stress-assist chemical reactions front propagation in deformable solids PDF
Alexander Freidin, Elena Vilchevskaya
The damage mechanics approach and the damage evolution of bone considering the mechanical-electric-magnetic coupling effects PDF
Shouwen Yu, Chuanyoung Qu, Xieqiao Feng
The effect of grain size on crack propagation in a ferritic steel PDF
Sunthar Mahalingam, Peter Flewitt
The interrelation of local and energy criteria of unstable brittle fracture for low-alloyed cold resistant steels PDF
Alexey Ilyin, Vladimir Filin
XRDD Observation of the Silicate Composite During Loading Experiment PDF
Daniel Vavrik, Tomáš Fíla, Ivan Jandejsek, Václav Veselý, Petr Frantík, Zbyn?k Keršner