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General Papers

Experimental analysis of fatigue crack growth life under random loading PDF
B. Moreno, J. Zapatero, J. Domínguez
Limit equilibrium of a curvilinear crack with the partial frictional contact of its surfaces PDF
R. V. Goldstein, A. V. Andreev, Yu. V. Zhitnikov
Micro-mechanical modelling of ductile tearing resulting from a thermo-mechanical loading PDF
M.P. Valeta, C. Poussard, F. Zydownik, C. Sainte Catherine
Novel methods for determining true stress strain curves of weldments and homogenous materials PDF
Z. L. Zhang1, J. Ødegård, C. Thaulow
Numerical analysis of a mixed mode crack behavior in elastic-plastic materials PDF
X.B. Zhang, J. LI, N. Recho
Numerical simulation of ductile fracture initiation by application of Rice-Tracey void growth model PDF
M. Rakin, A. Sedmak, P. Matejic, M. Zrilic, S. Sedmak
STAU - a general-purpose tool for probabilistic reliability assessment of ceramic components under multiaxial loading PDF
H. Riesch-Oppermann, A. Brückner-Foit, C. Ziegler
Strength estimation of ceramic/metal joints with various interlayer thickness PDF
M. Takahashi, N. Okabe, X. Zhu, K. Kagawa
The accelerated DK fatigue crack growth test on AA 5083-H321 and similitude validation. PDF
Jan Zuidema, Saskia de Vries, Adirakhmantyo Hascaryantono
The effect of nodul size on fatigue properties of ferritic nodular cast iron PDF
Jan Zuidemal, Marion van den Hoogenl and Cees van Eldijk2