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General Papers

A simple damage model for ductile crack growth and transferability of R-curves PDF
C.E. Turner
Approximate evaluation of directional toughness in cold drawn pearlitic steels PDF
J. Toribio, A. Valiente
Developments in inverse analysis for in-situ flaw detection in composite material structures PDF
A.D. Nurse, J.M. Huntley, D.C. Panni, J.N. Petzing, P.J. Sherratt, J.R. Tyrer
Dynamic compression testing of metallic materials - ESIS progress towards a european standard PDF
A. Doig, H. Taylor
Effect of Cu content on thermomechanical fatigue properties and total available strain energy of Ti-Ni-Cu shape memory alloy PDF
H. Takaku, T. Sakuma, U. Iwata, Y. Ochi
Effect of fatigue pre-loading on mixed-mode stress corrosion cracking in high-strength steel PDF
J. Toribio, E. Ovejero, V. Kharin
Effect of humidiy on long fatigue life more than 107 cycles in high strength steel PDF
M. Nakajima, K. Tokaji, T. Shimizu
Effect of specimen geometry on dynamic fracture toughness of 15H2MFA reactor pressure vessel steel PDF
Gy. B. Lenkey, L. Tóth
Experimental method to increase the loading capability of glass-fibre reinforced composite tubes PDF
H. Teodorescu-Draghicescu, I. Goia, D. Rosu, C. Birtu, F. Teodorescu-Draghicescu
Extending the fatigue life of aerospace materials by surface engineering PDF
E.R. de los Rios, M. Trull, A. Levers
Fatigue crack propagation of laser welded butt joints PDF
A. Minagi, K. Tokaji
Fracture behavior of cemented carbides: a fracture mechanics analysis PDF
L. Llanes, Y. Torres, B. Casas, D. Casellas, F. Marimon
High cycle fatigue of ion nitrided 40Cr steel specimens PDF
D.S. Tchankov, D.I. Dimitrov
Hydrogen assisted cracking of cold drawn eutectoid steel for civil engineering structures PDF
J. Toribio, E. Ovejero
Improving stress corrosion cracking life of components by shot peening PDF
Juan Thieuleux
Notch stress strain distribution in Charpy V specimen / experiments and modelling PDF
B. Tanguy, R. Piques, L. Laiarinandrasana, A. Pineau
Novel methods for determining true stress strain curves of weldments and homogenous materials PDF
Z. L. Zhang1, J. Ødegård, C. Thaulow
Numerical modelling of cyclic stress-strain fields near a crack tip: the role of strain hardening PDF
J. Toribio, V. Kharin
Quantification of Specimen Geometry Effects on the Master Curve and To Reference Temperature PDF
J.A. Joyce, R.L. Tregoning
Strength estimation of ceramic/metal joints with various interlayer thickness PDF
M. Takahashi, N. Okabe, X. Zhu, K. Kagawa
Study on constitutive model of cyclic hardening process PDF
N. Osawa, Y. Tomita, K. Hashimoto