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General Papers

Advances in predicting the nucleation of fretting fatigue cracks PDF
R. W. Neu, D. R. Swalla, J. A. Pape
Aging effects and fracture mechanical lifetime modelling of pressurized poly(ethylene) pipes PDF
R.W. Lang, G. Pinter, A. Stern
An investigation of methods of estimating crack driving force for defects in or near welds PDF
M C Smith, M R Goldthorpe, P J Bouchard, P Prottey
Analysis of Low-Cycle Fatigue at Notches in a Single Crystal Superalloy at High Temperature PDF
P. Boubidi, R. Sievert
Anisotropic cylindrical shell with surface crack PDF
R.M. Kushnir, M.M. Nykolyshyn, L.M. Sen’kiv
Application of cohesive model to dynamic ductile fracture tests PDF
G. Berardo, P. Salvini, M. Di Biagio
Brittle-to-tough transition in toughened polypropylene copolymers PDF
W. Grellmann, S. Seidler, I. Kotter
Character of stress failure of high-strength concrete determined by acoustic emission method PDF
J. Hola, J. Pedziwiatr, D. StyS
Constraint effect on environmentally assisted cracking of the austenite steel 08Kh18N10T in the concentrated solutions at 270°C PDF
Anna Brosová, Karel Šplíchal, Zdenìk Fiala
Correlation between Charpy-V and sub-size Charpy tests results for an un-irradiated low alloy RPV ferritic steel PDF
R. Schill, P. Forget, C. Sainte Catherine
Correlation between interfacial state of plasma CVD coated TiN film/substrate and pinhole defect ratio evaluation by CPCD method PDF
Yuji Kimura', Tatsuya Shirato
Crack initiation behaviour of PP-materials PDF
S. Seidler, T. Koch, I. Kotter, W. Grellmann
Determination of Fracture Mechanics Characteristic Values in the Toughness Transition Range PDF
F. Otremba, U. Eisele, H. Silcher, J. Schiedermaier
Developments in inverse analysis for in-situ flaw detection in composite material structures PDF
A.D. Nurse, J.M. Huntley, D.C. Panni, J.N. Petzing, P.J. Sherratt, J.R. Tyrer
Different CDM-models and their ability to describe the damage development at ductile fracture of steel PDF
R. Schiffmann, W. Dahl, W. Bleck
Duplex S-N curve characteristics and subsurface fatigue crack initiation behaviour in high carbon-chromium bearing steel PDF
K. Shiozawa, L. T. Lu, S. Ishihara
Effect of Cu content on thermomechanical fatigue properties and total available strain energy of Ti-Ni-Cu shape memory alloy PDF
H. Takaku, T. Sakuma, U. Iwata, Y. Ochi
Effect of grinding on the fatigue strength of a bearing steel in the super long-life field PDF
M. Goto, T. Yamamoto, H. Nisitani, T. Sakai, N. Kawagoishi
Effect of humidiy on long fatigue life more than 107 cycles in high strength steel PDF
M. Nakajima, K. Tokaji, T. Shimizu
Effect of specimen thickness and stress ratio on fatigue crack growth after a single overload cycle on structural steel PDF
M. Skorupa, A. Skorupa, J. Schijve, T. Machniewicz, P. Korbut
Effect of temperature and strain rate on the cyclic plasticity mechanisms of an interstitial free steel - comparison with ultra high purity iron PDF
A. Daniélou, M. Robillard, J. Stolarz, T. Magnin
Effects of geometry and material on the energy dissipation rate PDF
W. Brocks, Th. Siegmund
Effects of microstructure on fatigue short crack behaviour in multiphase materials PDF
J. Stolarz, N. Baffie, O. Madelaine-Dupuich
Energy dissipation rate as a fracture analysis tool PDF
J. D. G. Sumpter
Evaluation of cyclic plastic deformation by nano -indentation PDF
H. Sakamoto, N. Ueda
Evaluation of notched fatigue strength of oxide dispersion strengthening copper alloy PDF
N. Kawagoishi, Q. Chen, K. Shimana, H. Nisitani, M. Goto, E. Kondo
Experimental investigation of the local deformation processes in joints under cyclic loading by traditional methods of fatigue testing PDF
A.V. Pankov, Yu.A. Svirsky
Fatigue and monotonic properties of an interstitial free steel sheet PDF
M. T. Milan, D. Spinelli, W. W. Bose
Fatigue crack growth at high temperature in the PM nickel base superalloy UDIMET 720 L1 PDF
C.M. Branco, F. Santos, J. Byrne
Fatigue failure analysis of fan blade of D-L8 engine of “RUSLAN” aircraft PDF
A. A. Shaniavski
Fatigue failure assessment under multiaxial loading PDF
Andrea Carpinteri, Andrea Spagnoli
Fatigue failure by flow-induced vibration PDF
Y. Murakami, M. Inoue, A. Sueoka, S. Odahara, M. Kobayashi, N. Fujiwara
Fatigue life prediction of Natural Rubber components under uniaxial and multiaxial loading PDF
N. Saintier, G. Cailletaud, R. Piques
FEM-Based Fatigue Endurance Evaluation of Engineering Components under Variable Amplitude Multiaxial Loading PDF
M. de Freitas, B. Li, J.L.T. Santos
Finite element analysis of fatigue crack growth threshold testing techniques PDF
S. R. Daniewicz, J. D. Skinner
Finite Element Analysis of the Interaction of Hydrogen Induced Stepwise Cracks PDF
V.J. Cortés Suárez, J.L. González Velázquez, J.M. Hallen López, J.G. Reséndiz Robles
Fracture mechanics testing of magnesium alloy ingots and die castings PDF
E. Schick, D. Regener
Fracture process under tension deformation observing using computer simulation method PDF
N. Y. Gorge, M. D. Starostenkov
Identification method for marks on fracture surfaces and case study (failure of propeller blade of exhaust gas ventilator) PDF
P. Sajdl
Influence of different surface effects on the nucleation of microcracks PDF
M. Sauzay, P. Gilormini, P. Coorevits
Influence of loading speed on tensile strength characteristics of high tensile steel PDF
S.M. Yang, H.Y. Kang, H.S. Kim, J.H. Song, J.M. Park
Intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IGSCC) susceptibility of Inconel X-750: state of the art PDF
B. Remartínez, J.I. Pastor, J. Santamaría
Inverse analysis of a box-section composite beam with impact damage PDF
P.J. Sherratt, D.C. Panni, A.D. Nurse
Investigation on the Fracture Behaviour of Laser Beam Welded Wide Plates PDF
M. Koçak, S. Riekehr, Y-J. Kim, J. dos Santos
Long life fatigue properties of ferrite-pearlitic ductile cast iron with shot-peening treatment PDF
Yasuo Ochi, Takeshi Sekino, Takashi Matsumura
Mean stress, temperature and environment influences on near-threshold fatigue crack behavior of Ti6246. PDF
C. Sarrazin-Baudoux, Y. Chabanne, J. Petit, J.M. Olive
Mesomechanical simulation of crack propagation in real and quasi-real idealized microstructures of tool steels PDF
L. Mishnaevsky Jr, N. Lippmann, S. Schmauder
Micromechanisms of fracture in modern low carbon high strength steels PDF
T. Sturel, F. Hanus
Modeling of the surface microcracking in polyethylene due to UV-degradation PDF
Ihor Skrypnyk, Jan Spoormaker, Natalia Bilyk
Numerical analyses of cracks in piezoelectric composite structures under electromechanical loading PDF
Matthias Scherzer, Meinhard Kuna
Numerical simulation of ductile fracture initiation by application of Rice-Tracey void growth model PDF
M. Rakin, A. Sedmak, P. Matejic, M. Zrilic, S. Sedmak
On the initial stages of corrosion fatigue emanating from smooth surface PDF
I. M. Dmytrakh, A. M. Syrotyuk, R. S. Hrabovskyi
On the preferable initial crack length in fracture toughness testing using sub-sized bending specimens PDF
Hans-Jakob Schindler
Quantitative fractography by means of a new digital image analysis system PDF
O. Kolednik, S. Scherer, P. Schwarzböck, P. Werth
Statistical fatigue properties of aluminum alloys based on the statistical aspect of crack initiation and propagation behaviors PDF
T. Sakai, k. Okada, I. Nishikawa, A. Sugeta, T. Shimokawa, S. Nishijima
Statistical model of roughness induced crack closure PDF
J. Pokluda, P. Sandera, J. Hornikova
Strength degradation of SiCfiber by hydro-thermal treatment and its application to the surface modification of SiC fiber PDF
Chikako Gomi, Ichiro Shiota, Yuji Kimura
Study of the transfer of tensile forces by bond in eccentric reinforced concrete members PDF
J. Hola, J. Pedziwiatr, D. Stys
Tensile and shear cracks behavior under plane strain small scale yielding PDF
V.N. Shlyannikov
The application of integrity assessment procedures in optimizing the vessel surveillance programs PDF
J. García, F. Gutiérrez-Solana, J. Setién, J. Ruiz
The application of the Gurson-Tvergaard model in the aging embrittlement of austeno-ferritic stainless steels PDF
J.M. Alegre, J. Pérez, F. Gutiérrez-Solana, L. Sánchez
The dependency of the local approach to fracture on the calibration of material parameters PDF
G. Shatil, L. Wang