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General Papers

A transferring law based on a single parameter characterization of slow-stable crack extension PDF
V.P. Naumenko
Advances in predicting the nucleation of fretting fatigue cracks PDF
R. W. Neu, D. R. Swalla, J. A. Pape
Anisotropic cylindrical shell with surface crack PDF
R.M. Kushnir, M.M. Nykolyshyn, L.M. Sen’kiv
Comparison studies of R-curves for fatigue and tear cracks in a thin aluminium plate PDF
V.P. Naumenko, G.S. Volkov, A.G. Atkins
Developments in inverse analysis for in-situ flaw detection in composite material structures PDF
A.D. Nurse, J.M. Huntley, D.C. Panni, J.N. Petzing, P.J. Sherratt, J.R. Tyrer
Effect of grinding on the fatigue strength of a bearing steel in the super long-life field PDF
M. Goto, T. Yamamoto, H. Nisitani, T. Sakai, N. Kawagoishi
Effect of humidiy on long fatigue life more than 107 cycles in high strength steel PDF
M. Nakajima, K. Tokaji, T. Shimizu
Estimation of the total life in fretting fatigue with spherical contact PDF
Carlos Navarro, Jaime Domínguez
Evaluation of notched fatigue strength of oxide dispersion strengthening copper alloy PDF
N. Kawagoishi, Q. Chen, K. Shimana, H. Nisitani, M. Goto, E. Kondo
Fatigue crack growth threshold conditions for small notches PDF
C. Vallellano, A. Navarro, J. Dominguez
Fatigue life of cast irons GGG40, GGG60 and GTS45 under combined random tension with torsion PDF
T. Lagoda, E. Macha, A. Nieslony, A. Muller
Fractographic analysis of fatigue failure in the superlong life regime of n > 107 cycles PDF
Yukitaka Murakami, Toru Ueda, Tetsushi Nomoto
Fracture resistance and failure characteristics of AISI 304 / SA508 bimetallic weld in ductile regime PDF
P. Nevasmaa, A. Laukkanen, U. Ehrnstén
Integrity of cast components containing inhomogeneities PDF
Y. Nadot, D. Bertheau, V. Denier, J. Mendez
Inverse analysis of a box-section composite beam with impact damage PDF
P.J. Sherratt, D.C. Panni, A.D. Nurse
Investigations into the influence of the mechanical conditions at the crack tip on SCC test results PDF
H. M. Nykyforchyn, W. Dietzel
Local parameters susceptibility checkup using fracture toughness data PDF
V. Kozák, A. Novák
Phenomenological model of the specimen containing growing crack PDF
A. Neimitz
Simulation of thermomechanical behaviour of bimaterial containing an interface crack with rough faces PDF
A. Kryshtafovych, R. Martynyak, S. Nagalka
Some developments in dymamic fracture mechanics PDF
S. de Luna, L. Rubio, J.L. Pérez-Castellanos, J. Fernández-Sáez, C. Navarro
Statistical fatigue properties of aluminum alloys based on the statistical aspect of crack initiation and propagation behaviors PDF
T. Sakai, k. Okada, I. Nishikawa, A. Sugeta, T. Shimokawa, S. Nishijima