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General Papers

Aging effects and fracture mechanical lifetime modelling of pressurized poly(ethylene) pipes PDF
R.W. Lang, G. Pinter, A. Stern
Constraint effects and modeling under general loading conditions PDF
A. Laukkanen
Creep and fatigue crack growth in PE-HD pipe grades - effect of test temperature and R-ratio PDF
G. Pinter, W. Balika, R.W. Lang
Damage mechanisms and fracture behaviour of thermally-aged duplex stainless steel: modelling of the fracture toughness using local approach PDF
P. Lamagnère, A. Hazarabedian, D. Guérin, J. Reuchet, B. Marini
Debonding of an interface when a crack approaches perpendicularly to it PDF
Jia Li
Duplex S-N curve characteristics and subsurface fatigue crack initiation behaviour in high carbon-chromium bearing steel PDF
K. Shiozawa, L. T. Lu, S. Ishihara
Effect of specimen geometry on dynamic fracture toughness of 15H2MFA reactor pressure vessel steel PDF
Gy. B. Lenkey, L. Tóth
Effects of loading rate and specimen configuration on the ductile-brittle transition in poly(propylene) PDF
Z. Major, R.W. Lang
Estimation of stress intensity factors with considering crack surface contact PDF
X. B. Lin
Estimation of the resistance against stable crack initiation and unstable crack propagation using R-curves and stability assessment diagrams in ductile polymeric abs-materials PDF
R. Lach, W. Grellmann
Evaluation of fatigue life data by normalising procedures PDF
E. Castillo, M. López-Aenlle, M.J. Lamela, A. Fernández-Canteli
Extending the fatigue life of aerospace materials by surface engineering PDF
E.R. de los Rios, M. Trull, A. Levers
Fatigue behaviour of a thick plate of aluminium alloy 7475 PDF
M. Lorente, G. Atxaga, A.M. Irisarri, M. San Martín, L.M. Plaza
Fatigue life of cast irons GGG40, GGG60 and GTS45 under combined random tension with torsion PDF
T. Lagoda, E. Macha, A. Nieslony, A. Muller
Fatigue lifetime of a silica filled rubber. Application to a SBR shoe sole under bending. PDF
A. Robisson, F. Laraba-Abbès, L. Laïarinandrasana, R. Piques, J.L. Chaverot
FEM-Based Fatigue Endurance Evaluation of Engineering Components under Variable Amplitude Multiaxial Loading PDF
M. de Freitas, B. Li, J.L.T. Santos
Finite Element Analysis of the Interaction of Hydrogen Induced Stepwise Cracks PDF
V.J. Cortés Suárez, J.L. González Velázquez, J.M. Hallen López, J.G. Reséndiz Robles
Fracture behavior of cemented carbides: a fracture mechanics analysis PDF
L. Llanes, Y. Torres, B. Casas, D. Casellas, F. Marimon
Fracture mechanical behaviour of plasma-sprayed coatings PDF
H.P. Brantner, R. Pippan, W. Prantl, S. Bertini, O. Lacroix
Fracture mechanics properties of materials of reactor pressure vessel of WWER 440 PDF
D. Lauerová, M. Brumovský
Fracture mechanisms of eutectic crystals processed by directional solidification PDF
J. Y. Pastor, P. Poza, J. LLorca
Fracture resistance and failure characteristics of AISI 304 / SA508 bimetallic weld in ductile regime PDF
P. Nevasmaa, A. Laukkanen, U. Ehrnstén
Fracture toughness of high-chromium white cast iron in relation to the primary carbide morphology PDF
M. Janssen, M.B. van Leeuwen, M.F. Mendes de Leon
Fracture variability of yttria-stabilized zirconia PDF
D. Casellas, J. Alcalá, L. Llanes, M. Anglada
Influence of microstructure on cleavage fracture initiation micromechanisms in steels PDF
A. Echeverría-Zubiría, M.A. Linaza, J.M. Rodriguez-Ibabe
Investigations of rail fractures at vienna underground and measures to reduce them PDF
G. Valenta, T. Varga, F. Loibnegger
Mechanical strength and fracture of Sigma 1140+ SiC fibres PDF
C. González, J. LLorca
Mesomechanical simulation of crack propagation in real and quasi-real idealized microstructures of tool steels PDF
L. Mishnaevsky Jr, N. Lippmann, S. Schmauder
Microstructural and mechanical properties of microalloyed steels processed to simulate thin slab casting and direct rolling conditions PDF
A. I. Fernández, P. Uranga, B. López, J. M. Rodriguez-Ibabe
Multi-scale model of crack propagation in unidirectional metallic matrix composites PDF
J.F. Maire, P. Levasseur, P. Paulmier
Notch stress strain distribution in Charpy V specimen / experiments and modelling PDF
B. Tanguy, R. Piques, L. Laiarinandrasana, A. Pineau
Numerical analysis of a mixed mode crack behavior in elastic-plastic materials PDF
X.B. Zhang, J. LI, N. Recho
Phenomenological study of crack propagation in multidirectional stratified subjected to mode (I) PDF
A. Ahmed-Benyahia, A. Laksimi, T. Boukharouba, M.L. Benzeggagh
Prediction of notch-emanating crack initiation life in fatigue: effect of input parameters variation PDF
N. Gérard, N. Ranganathan, R. Leroy, O. Girard
SCC behaviour of pipeline microalloyed steels PDF
A. Cayón, C. Rodríguez, R. Lezcano, J.A. Alvarez, F.J. Belzunce, F. Gutiérrez-Solana
Some developments in dymamic fracture mechanics PDF
S. de Luna, L. Rubio, J.L. Pérez-Castellanos, J. Fernández-Sáez, C. Navarro
Temperature dependence of the fracture behaviour of polypropylene films PDF
D. Ferrer-Balas, M.Ll. Maspoch, A.B. Martinez, E. Ching, R.K.Y. Li, Y-W. Mai
The application of FAD in the assessment of environmental assisted cracking and fracture conditions PDF
J.A. Alvarez Laso, F. Gutiérrez-Solana
The effect of residual stresses on the fracture behaviour of a ferritic steel
N. P. O'Dowd, Y. Lei, G. A. Webster