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General Papers

A study on the fatigue behaviour of damaged welded joints repaired by hammer peening PDF
V. Infante, C. M. Branco
Creep behaviour of a cast rene 41 superalloy PDF
G. Atxaga, A.M. Irisarri
Damage formation of a 2304 duplex stainless steel under hot working conditions PDF
A. Piñol-Juez, A. Iza-Mendia, I. Gutiérrez
Duplex S-N curve characteristics and subsurface fatigue crack initiation behaviour in high carbon-chromium bearing steel PDF
K. Shiozawa, L. T. Lu, S. Ishihara
Effect of Cu content on thermomechanical fatigue properties and total available strain energy of Ti-Ni-Cu shape memory alloy PDF
H. Takaku, T. Sakuma, U. Iwata, Y. Ochi
Fatigue behaviour of a thick plate of aluminium alloy 7475 PDF
M. Lorente, G. Atxaga, A.M. Irisarri, M. San Martín, L.M. Plaza
Fatigue failure by flow-induced vibration PDF
Y. Murakami, M. Inoue, A. Sueoka, S. Odahara, M. Kobayashi, N. Fujiwara
Fractal characterization of concrete damage in the strain-softening regime PDF
Alberto Carpinteri, Stefano Invernizzi
Fractographic study of two damage tolerant aluminium alloys PDF
A.M. Irisarri, G. Atxaga
Fracture toughness of an aluminium alloy matrix composite PDF
A. García-Romero, A.M. Irisarri, M. Anglada
Predictive fracture modelling in tough polyethylenes using experimentally measured cohesive zone traction curves PDF
K. C. Pandya, A. Ivankovic, J. G. Williams